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Poo - 3.5 days and counting

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nickymorris Sun 21-Sep-08 20:05:47

My DS's bowels have suddenly changed from producing every other nappy to:

Monday evening
Thursday lunchtime
And nothing since

Everyone says it's not possible to constipate a BF baby but at what point do I worry.

The poos have also changed from being runny yellow splats to thick green/yellow slime - it comes out like paint from a tube.

Things that have changed in the last week are - we were both on Nystin for thrush but have come off that on Wed morining. I have started taking colpermin as I was worried I was going to have an IBS attack - started on Wed/Thursday.

DS does quite a lot of vile smelling farts and occasionally farts out a little 'skid mark' on his nappy....

Seona1973 Sun 21-Sep-08 20:08:08

what age is he? From 5/6 weeks or so it can be quite normal for a bf baby to go 7 days (or sometimes more) between poos withough being constipated.

wilkos Sun 21-Sep-08 20:10:26

how old is he? until dd was eating solids she could go days without having a poo, well 2-3 days anyway.
if he is old enough have you tried a little dilute orange juice/ prune juice on a teaspoon?

prune juice does have a similar effect to dynamite tho so be warned!

nickymorris Sun 21-Sep-08 20:23:33

DS will be 6 weeks on Tuesday - so I guess the prune juice is out!

LuLuBai Mon 22-Sep-08 09:59:46

don't worry too much - several babies I know only pood twice a week in the first few months. If he is just bf he's probably OK.

idontbelieveit Mon 22-Sep-08 10:20:47

don't worry. My dd went 10 days regularly at that age. If he's happy and weeing then it's normal. I think if it gets to 10 days you should go to docs. Every time i was about to take dd she would do the world's biggest super poo that no nappy could contain. If it gets to a week start covering the pushchair and don't leave the house without a change of clothes for your baby!grin

nickymorris Mon 22-Sep-08 13:31:09

Was just reading this last post and chuckling about the 'super-poo' phrase when DS went a bit quiet and then pulled the most satisfied face you can imagine....

Then the smell reached me...

Yep - he's done his poo - nothing like having to spend a good 10 minutes cleaning up 5 day's worth of crap :-)

but panic over!!

thanks everyone

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