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DD has a bald sport

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Lowfat Fri 19-Sep-08 08:19:17

DD has started twiddling her hair and in the short space of 2 weeks has given herself a noticable bald spot and nasty sore right between her fringe and the rest of her hair.

I thought she was copying a friends toddler and trying to be cute. But as she only started school this week I wonder if it was nerves.

We stop her doing it whenever we see it and her teachers have been asked to remind her about it if they catch her.

Spoke to a hairdresser friend sho said it is a form of alopicia (sp) because the constant strain on the folicles mean the just release the hair.

I put her hair up for school, but as soon as she comes home it is down and brushed and head wrap put onto cover the blad bit. And we are going to attepmpt to grow her fring out so she has no short wispy bits to twiddle.

Anyone else have this? Is it enough just to get her to stop or should I seek medical advice in case it gets worse?


Lowfat Fri 19-Sep-08 08:52:42

BUMP - anyone

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