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Is it chicken pox?

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fruitstick Thu 18-Sep-08 08:14:04

My DS has woken up with spots on this face. They are not in a rash formation, just randomly appearing. One on his ear, one or two on his neck and 7 or 8 on one side of his face. They don't seem to look like blisters, more like acne.

how do I tell if it's chicken pox? Is it worth taking him to the doctors?

WigWamBam Thu 18-Sep-08 08:23:35

If it's chicken pox the spots start off as red spots, but they will start to blister within a few hours. He will probably also have new crops of spots appearing very quickly over the rest of his body and they will itch like buggery.

Is he feeling unwell? Could they be bites of some kind?

fruitstick Thu 18-Sep-08 08:27:09

He had a temperature on Tuesday and is a bit off colour, which I put down to a cold.

Don't think they could be bites.

He's cried from the minute he woke up but now seems to have made a miraculous recovery now the wonder pets are on!

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