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2.9 year old stopped eating...yet doesn't seem ill...why...?

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DontGetIt Wed 17-Sep-08 09:53:54

Hi everyone, Im actually getting quite anxious about this now and could do with an objective comment or two. My DS lost his appetite about a week ago now and is eating really very little apart from fruit and, sometimes at teatime, a piece of bread and butter. Yesterday went - half apple for brekkie, half banana lunchtime, 5 blackberries teatime, then asked for a piece of b and b near bedtime but turned down his bedtime milk. I know that he is eating something, but my anxiety is because he is a skinny lad at the best of times and he is loosing weight quite quickly...he is 75th centile height, normally 25th weight, but is now on the 9th centile.

Ive spoken to the HV and the doc who are both taking the angle that it is psychological, tho whether they are saying its my problem or his I really dont know. I dont fuss about it, dont insist he eat it (no point) have offered favourites etc etc but nothing seems to appeal.

He is pale and a bit lethargic (no surprise I guess) but seems otherwise ok. I guess I just have to wait it out...?

DontGetIt Wed 17-Sep-08 10:11:19 one around this morning..?

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