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Compacted earwax, possible glue ear, grommets, ear candles........ my head hurts

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savetheplanetdontiron Sun 14-Sep-08 12:31:32

So ENT consultant recommends a GA to remove compacted earwax. He was dismissive of my concerns when I asked about benefits vs risks and told me grommets were "very successful" - not the picture I have gleaned from elsewhere hmm. The GA scares me rigid but DC is uncomfortable. She has had frequent nasty ear infections and seems to be becoming more "detached" from other kids (age 3.3) even though she has been a sunny sociable kids in the past. I've read that glue ear can make kids heads feel 'foggy' and they feel detached. She hits her head sometimes, loses her balance a bit more than I think is normal for her age. I hate the thought on her missing out on fun because of this and just want to do the right thing. I will do the earwax removal and grommets if I think it will work but I keep reading posts (including one from 2005) from people saying they didn't work including one mother who was dealing with a leading expert in the ENT field who was anti-grommets. Will she be able to swim aftewards? She loves swimming and for that to be a problem is a big drawback. Of course I've been googling and have seen mention of earcandling which sounds totally bizarre but then I am in a "lets get all the info together, however weird, and go from there" frame of mind. Has anyone tried this. I am sceptical about her ability to stay still for the lenght of time required. Sorry this is rambling. I am just at a loss. The proposed surgery is in 6 weeks. I have seen cranial osteopathy mentioned which she had as a tiny baby for colic. It might have helped but I am not sure. I'm afraid I don't have much belief in homeopathy which I have used for myself and can't say I felt any benefits from it. I have used quite a bit of acupuncture in the past for myself and think it is great (and have taken DC for it) but of course, she hates the needles - aaaargh! I just don't know what to do for the best. We are also short of money so ££ spent on alternative treatments will mean less for other family expenses but I don't begrudge the money if it works. Nor am a resisting the surgery route on hairy mental lentil grounds - if it is the answer then fine.

DrNortherner Sun 14-Sep-08 12:35:46

Hi there. I would do the grommets really I would.

My ds is now 6 but he had similar issues as a younger child. He did the head and ear hitting thing constantly. He had recurring infections and a constant stream of green pus oozing from his ears.

He had grommets at 2.10. Did they solve the problem? Not completley, but they did improve it by 75%, which is not bad for kids like ours.

The GA was a HUGE worry for me, it is far worse for us then them. They recover very quickly.

Blandmum Sun 14-Sep-08 12:36:08

Ear candles do nothing. The 'gunk' they show you comes from the candles, not the ear

Millarkie Sun 14-Sep-08 12:55:42

Grommets worked for my ds's chronic glue ear - he's having his third lot put in in a couple of weeks time.

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