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DS's BCG site looks really bad- has anyone on here encountered similar with their dc's??

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bettyanne Thu 11-Sep-08 20:01:52

Ds had his BCG (TB) vaccination 6 weeks ago, as he was deemed to be high risk.

Nowt happened for for first three weeks but since then has really 'puffed up', is now a hard, red (really livid looking) lump about the size of a 50 pence piece. Yesterday I noticed it seemed to be developing a 'head' a bit like a boil and today it has been weeping onto his clothes.

I know BCG's can be a bit of a mare but is this really ok? Am worried!!

MaureenMLove Thu 11-Sep-08 20:08:37

IIRC, one of my mindees had the BCG and it did exactly the same. I definately remember it being a bit weepy. If you're really concerned though, it wouldn't hurt to nip to the doctors though.

nuru Thu 11-Sep-08 20:09:05

hi there
dd2's was exactly like that for a while and at one point it got so bad we took her to the doctor. he said as long as it wasn't weeping disgusting gunk and smelly it was ok to leave, just to cover it for baths and keep scrupulously clean. hers calmed down but she had a scab which kept knocking off and reforming for at least a year. she still has a fairly prominent 'scar' another 18 months down the line.

having said that, if I were you I might get someone medical to have a look at it.

JamInMyWellies Thu 11-Sep-08 20:13:35

Sounds ok my DS had his at 6wks I had a mini panic is went all goey and vile looking exactly as you described it did take a good couple of months to look ok but it has left a fair old scar.

AMumInScotland Thu 11-Sep-08 20:16:59

Mine went like that, then "popped" with lots of pus - kinda yucky tbh! I still have the scar 30+ years later. Probably worth getting the doctor or practice nurse to take a look - they might be able to stop it getting a big scar at least.

bettyanne Thu 11-Sep-08 20:17:18

Thanks for the relpies! Was expecting a 'blister' lol as thats what the leaflet said might happen. this is not a blister- its awful! Doesn't smell offensive at present but I think i will pop him to gp next week, sigh!!

ProfessorGrammaticus Thu 11-Sep-08 20:18:54

Mine went weepy (I had it at 13yo IIRC) and I have a bit of a scar. Didn't get infected or need treatment or anything, though.

RhinestoneCowgirl Thu 11-Sep-08 20:19:06

From what I remember, mine was pretty red and angry, pus etc for a while (not sure if as long as 6 weeks). I have a noticeable lumpy scar now nearly 20 yrs later.

bettyanne Thu 11-Sep-08 20:19:46

Might sound odd but I'm not worried about the scar, so much as the possibility that its infected or something else untoward. Someone close to us died of Tb recently so scar is a small price to pay- Ds can show it off as a battle scar when he is older!

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