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Should i have taken dd to school this morning?

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PinkChick Thu 11-Sep-08 09:57:10

She woke up saying she was hungry at 6am after not eating very much dinner last night.

I said we wer'nt getting up yet as she left her dinner and she would wait until we all got up as normal (she does this a lot, she loves cereal and very little else!)
I went down and got her some cold water, she had a drink and laid back down.
about half an hour later i shouted her to ask if she wanted a cuddle in our bed, when she came in she started crying saying her back was stiff and hurting?, so she got into our bed and literally fell straight back to sleep!?
I woke her when i got up to get ready and she stayed in bed other than racing down with dp as normal, she didnt even ask?

she came down with me and i asked if she would like some toast..she said warm..(i know this is long winded, but as i say shes not a big eater and doesnt 'do' warm food she waits until its gone cold?) she had 2 slices toast with philadeplphia on, then asked foe weetabix and finally had a yogurt!(this is huge to what she normally eats!)

she hasnt been to the toilet all morning (for a wee and she normally goes as soon as she gets up)

her lips have a very blue tint to them and she's VERY quiet, cant be botherd, lethargic..even at school before we went in, didnt want to run around or anything and shes a very energetic child?

so i went to office and spoke to one of the secretaries and also mentioned that dd hasnt been drinking much of her water at schoo as they now (yr 1-2) have to line up for it(?) and dd has a worry she wont get hers in time if theres a Q so hasnt been bothering, although she does drink some and ahs juice atlunch and drinks at home)..i have told dd not to worry and she must drink, secretary has said she will tell dd's teacher (we neevr get the chance to speak to themhmm and let TA know as well.

When i left she was very pasty, still quiet and lethargic looking (all aware not drowsy)lips still blue'ish..i told her if she felt ill to tell her teacher and i would come and collect her..but now i feel really bad for taking/leaving hersad...esp as im a cm and i have other children here as well already

baby is asleep and older child now having some brekky, will be taking him to nursery (same as dd's school) after lunch, but wondering if i did right thing? and what it could be?, esp the blue lips?

Doodle2U Thu 11-Sep-08 10:05:16

Hmmmm, PC that little lot doesn't sound too good. She's carrying some bug or other, that's for sure.

The stiff back/neck, lethargy etc made me think meningitis concern at first but she's eaten well and you've said she was 'aware', not drowsy, so probably not.

It's hard to know what to do sometimes but I go with the idea that unless they are at death's door - they're going in to school. School will let us know soon enough if they are really not well enough to cope.

Check in with the office when you go up at lunch time. She may have got going with her normal school day and forgotten all about feeling poorly!

PinkChick Thu 11-Sep-08 10:09:03

i know, i feel really guilty for taking her now, esp with the blue lip part?..dya think the doc would give me reason for that happening?..fel awful, might give school ring as its new class and am sure they wont be able to keep constant eye on everyone of them and if dd is sat quiet, they may not think anything other than shes just quiet?hmmsad

PinkChick Thu 11-Sep-08 10:18:19

just rang and spoke to secretary who i told this morning, she said she went down to tell dd's teacher but she already knew as the other teacher had told her and they said they were keeping and eye on her and making sure shes drinking plenty.

secreatary said she would go and see dd at lunch time and let her know she can come to the office if she doesnt feel well over lunch and said i can go over to see her when i taken mindee in (we're not normally allowed to go over to other playground during lunch and are supposed to sue other gate) and if anyone says anything to tell them she said i should....still worried, esp the lip?sad

GeorgeTheCarpetThrasher Thu 11-Sep-08 10:25:37

Pinkchick could it be that your dds blood sugar might have been a bit low this morning? (as you said she didn't eat last night) I don't know if that could cause the blue lip but it could explain her being lethargic..

I would go and see her at lunch, then you can assess for yourself if she looks unwell and find out from her if she's been to the toilet. If you still think her lips are blue take her to gp asap - just to be sure.

hope she's okay smile

PinkChick Thu 11-Sep-08 10:31:27

Hi, and thanks, am wondering if it is a bit of dehydration as like i say she didnt go to loo? and last night due to her not eating dinner, she could only have water (as she fills up on juice etc) and she didnt drink an awful lot but she DID drink some???sad

PinkChick Thu 11-Sep-08 10:31:56

sorry and am not sure about blood sugar?, could be?

lou031205 Thu 11-Sep-08 10:37:51

Blue lips can be a sign that the body isn't getting enough oxygen. I would take her to the docs this afternoon, personally.

PinkChick Thu 11-Sep-08 11:53:56

hi, i will chekc on her in few mind when we get to school, if theres no change ill bring her home and go to docs.

her lips do go bluey f shes cold (getting out of swimming pool etc) but today first day shes had this like this?

GeorgeTheCarpetThrasher Thu 11-Sep-08 14:12:27

How is she pinkchick?

PinkChick Thu 11-Sep-08 16:22:22

Hi, she seems much better actually!..i went over to see her at school at lunch time and she said she had a stomache ache as well and that she had told her cover teacher (whom i know well), but she ate some lunch, had plenty to drink but lip was normal colour after lunch!?..picked her up and although still tired/quiet she seems better and is playing fine with other children now, so hopefully she's just slept funny and that combined with feeling cold/hungry made her out of sortshmm?..have cancelled doc app and hopefully shell have a good nights sleep and feel 100% in morning.

Thankyou for all your help todaysmile

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