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Nasty cut on thumb for 2.4 yr old DS

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Helgicita Wed 10-Sep-08 15:22:09

He cut it on monday and we bathed it and wrapped it up but last night I had a look at it and of course the dressing had stuck to the wound and in having a look I opened the wound again and it bled. So I wrapped it up again. But what now? Do I leave it for a few days until totally healed, how long will it take to heal? He's very wary of me fiddling with it now and of course will not keep still so i'm scared of hurting him/it not healing.....
Sorry to be such a wimp it's my first experience of such an injury.

Scrooged Wed 10-Sep-08 15:25:44

Is it deep? can you stick the sides together with steristrips or is it a deep cut?

You are supposto change dressings every day because of the infection risk. I would steristrip it, then dress it with a non-sticky dressing. (no wool) Chack it when you dress it for redness, heat or ozzing gunk.

Helgicita Wed 10-Sep-08 15:42:02

Thanks Scrooged. I thought that I should be changing the dressing each day but I totally wimped out last night when it started bleeding again. It's not too deep but there's quite a flap of skin now stuck to the dressing.

Scrooged Wed 10-Sep-08 15:52:44

What normally happens is that the blood dries on the dressing so when you take the dressing off you take off the scab that it's attached to so it starts bleeding again. If you join the edges of the cut with steristrips, then place a melanin dressing over the top then this should be easier to get off. Just take off the dressing and soak the steristrips in water, this should make them unsticky. If the skin is split and there's a gap then he could do with going to A&E in case it needs stitching. Keep it clean. Once it's stopped bleeding then there's no need for a dressing or a plaster, these are just to keep it clean whilst a clot forms (the scab). The scab should be enough to protect it but I would put something over it if he goes out to play. It may also start to bleed again if he knocks it. It's better to keep his thumb dry (without a dressing or a plaster) as these will keep the wound wet and will take alot longer to heal.

Remember to give some paracetamol if he says it hurts, I would give him a small dose before you change the dressing if it is bad. Lots of lollypops will work aswell. smile

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