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baby's weight - should i worry?

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ilovetochat Tue 09-Sep-08 15:48:55

dd is 14 months old and small for her age, she is still in 6-9 month clothes and even a few 3-6 month ones. I had her weighed today and she lost 2 oz over a 6 week period. They told me not to worry and have her checked in 4 weeks and said she probably been ill or done a big poo, but she hasn't been ill, hasn't done a poo today yet and has been eating more than ever. She weighs 18lb 1 oz. Would you worry? {sad]

CostaRicanCod Tue 09-Sep-08 20:18:07


WingsofaAngel Tue 09-Sep-08 20:19:10

What was her birth weight ?

What about you and Dp/Dh are you small framed.

Does she have any trouble feeding /eating ?

Haylstones Tue 09-Sep-08 20:21:55

IS she petite all over? Has she always been small?
I would keep an eye on it but try not to worry (Easier said than done)

greenandpleasant Tue 09-Sep-08 20:22:03

Sorry you are sad about your dd. 2oz at this age is not a huge deal, once they're over a year growth slows down a lot anyway so not like when they are tiny and every oz seems to count.

Both my nieces started very small. One is 16mo and still tiny but tracking her percentile. The other is now nearly 3 and just grew and grew from about 20 mo onwards having been the same as your dd, ie in clothes labelled as smaller than her age, and is now a lovely chunky toddler. Don't forget also that clothes vary hugely in their sizing. If she's still losing weight in 4 weeks (or more obviously losing weight in the period beforehand) then take it up with your GP and don't let them fob you off with big poo / illness if that's not the case. But if she seems well now it's probably a case of getting more mobile and losing a bit of weight that way?

wb Tue 09-Sep-08 20:32:08

As the mother of a skinny little shrimp I'd ask myself 'Is my lo well in themselves, full of energy and getting taller (even if very slowly)'. If the answer to the above was yes then I wouldn't worry.

ilovetochat Tue 09-Sep-08 21:44:29

she was 6lb 10oz born and has followed the 2nd centile for growth for ages and the 9th centile for height. She bf twice a day, drinks water rest of time as doesn't take more than a sip of cows milk, and eats well but not huge quentities. She is very active, walking round and round the house and climbing everything (little monkey). I just worry as she is very small and can't really afford to lose any more weight. DP says she is skinny as her spine sticks out but so does mine a bit. Dp and I are both tall and thin but she is short and thin.

WingsofaAngel Wed 10-Sep-08 07:48:24

I think that she is just be of similar build to you.
Ds1 9 is tall and skinny, you can see his ribs.
I would not worry to much (easier said than done) She is an active little girl and seems to be healthy.

sarah293 Wed 10-Sep-08 07:50:14

Message withdrawn

QueenBhannae Wed 10-Sep-08 09:11:58

My dd2 was 12lb 2oz at birth and is now 17lb at 13mths nearly.
She is a little dot but very long and lean.
Your dd is most likely going to be like her parents. Try not to worry about it and get her weighed on a regular basis.

soremummy Wed 10-Sep-08 09:21:17

My lo is 16 months and is just growing into 3/6 mth clothes and weighs a grand 14lb 12 oz but is very active I personally wouldnt worry about her size if she is happy alert wet/poos nappies reg then I wouls just enjoy her. We printed out the WHO growth/weight chart to plot her on that and she at least sits on a line as they go lower than the ones in the red book.

ilovetochat Wed 10-Sep-08 15:45:54

thanks, feel better hearing about other little ones. Everywhere i go there are huge babies and they are 6months old.

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