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Bad nappy rash and hydrocortisone cream

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mamababa Mon 08-Sep-08 14:32:20

Hi all, DS (8 months) has had diarrhoea over the weekend and now has hideous nappy rash, blistering skin etc. Been to GP who prescribed 1% HC cream to be used aparingly once or twice per day. However it says in the leaflet NOT to use under a nappy as it can cause too much HC to be absorbed and affect adrenal gland. Surely they wouldn't prescribe it if not needed/correct??

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penona Mon 08-Sep-08 15:41:54

Can you call your clinic and speak to your GP? I know I got prescribed drugs during pregnancy and they said 'do not take when pregnant' but on speaking to the doctor it was OK.

Will put your mind at rest at least.

I found bepanthen cream very good - but you do need to apply it very very sparingly, enough so you can still see the red, otherwise it doesn't work at all (and can cause more harm)

Good luck, poor DS.

Kaybeeand2boys Mon 08-Sep-08 15:47:49

your poor DS. My DS1 had really bad nappy rash at about 8 months and we used metanium which was great, you can just buy it from the pharmacy.

penona Tue 09-Sep-08 09:34:08

I meant metanium cream not bepanthen, that one didn't work. stupid baby brain! blush

penona Tue 09-Sep-08 09:34:10

I meant metanium cream not bepanthen, that one didn't work. stupid baby brain! blush

DartmoorMama Tue 09-Sep-08 09:41:50

Canestan do a pretty good nappy cream. Not jut for thrush rash, also red clover cream from Earth friendly baby is really goof even though very natural.

DrGeorge Tue 09-Sep-08 10:33:30

Get some metanium it is fantastic - HC cream isn't really a good idea on broken skin either

Teuch Tue 09-Sep-08 10:35:27

Egg white.

I promise, it does wonders. You need to kinda slop it on and hold their legs in the air for a moment to let it dry a bit.

In my experience, this was the most effective treatment of broken and bleeding skin.

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