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Isn't 9 a bit too old to have croup?

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AvenaLife Sun 07-Sep-08 21:41:17

He's got a slight bark (not there all the time), sore throat, blocked nose, headache. I darn't call NHS Direct as they always call an ambulance when I mention he's asthmatic. He can talk and is alert, no signs of epilglottitis, no blueness, I've given him childrens sudofed to help the nose and headache, some cough syrup that's done bugger all, put a flannel on his radiator and put the heating on. Should I do anything else do you think?

It would be Sunday night! Thanks. smile

AvenaLife Sun 07-Sep-08 21:47:58


Lovingthepink Sun 07-Sep-08 21:53:21

I have had asthma all my life and I always get the "croup" type symptoms when I get a cold. Wack in the inhaler - the blue reliever. My doctor says that it is nearly impossible to overdose. I would say night nurse/ medised or calpol cold would be the best medicine to give as this dries the passages. Don't panic. If there is no improvement after lots of inhaler then think again.

Lovingthepink Sun 07-Sep-08 21:55:16

Oh, just noticed the sudofed, that should help. A bath always help me as well - keep doors and windows closed and make it as steamy as possible.

BigBadMousey Sun 07-Sep-08 21:55:40

I'm not sure but I'm sure I bookmarked a good croup reference site because DD2 is prone to it. Will look for you.

I'd go with whatever nhs direct say tbh unless you think they arent doing enough and you are worried - then I'd go with instinct and be persistent.

AvenaLife Sun 07-Sep-08 21:57:59

Thanks. smile He's fast asleep now. he ended up in hospital last time he had a cold and needed steriods. He normally makes a gurgling noise when he's asleep and it sounds like he's not breathing properly. I'll keep checking on him and give him his inhaler. Poor thing. He feels so miserable.

BigBadMousey Sun 07-Sep-08 22:02:12

Hmm - may not really be of much help to you but here it says most outgrow it by 4.

If you aren't worried then he's probably fine. At least you know if things get worse he'll get seen because of his asthma. That said I always think it's better to get a professional opinion (NHS direct)

AvenaLife Sun 07-Sep-08 22:10:41

I thought they outgrew it. hmm I'll see how he is later. He's not dribblng and can swallos so I don't think it's anything that needs treatment. I'll keep checking on him.

Thanks for the help. smile

babalon Tue 09-Sep-08 17:21:56

My DS 1 got croup for the very first time last october when he was 8 he was very bad the hospital didn't take it seriously because he was 8. He therefore collapsed and arrested on childrens ward and was ventilatted in ICU for 4 days!

Luckily fully recovered now but never under estimate croup

How your son feels better today

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