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Sore "front bum"

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nervousal Fri 05-Sep-08 11:36:21

OK OK so I know it whould be a vulva or whatever - but DD4 calls hers her front bum.

Last night she woke us up crying that her front bum was sore. She went for a wee - which didn't seem to hurt and went back to bed. 2 minutes later she was up screaming that her front bum was sore. She came into our bed and got herself into a terrible state, screaming and kicking. She let me have a quick look- I couldn't see anything unusual (no redness etc). She said that it was sore after she had touched it.

Anyway - put some conotrane on, changed her jammy bottoms (which were quite hard material), she calmed down went back to bed and is fine today.

This happened before when we were on holiday - but she was up for most of night then - again fine in morning.

Do you think this is somethign I should take her to Drs for, or has she just scratched herself or something? Not keen on taking her to Drs is I don't need to - it would upset her terribly.

I have told her to be gentle if she's touching her front bum and will cut her nails tonight!

Thanks for your help - don't know who else to ask!

notnowbernard Fri 05-Sep-08 11:39:38

DD1 has woken up in the night befor saying she is "sore"

Like you, had a look, nothing untoward noticeable. Slapped on the sudocreme and straight back to sleep

But she is still in night nappies so I presumed it might be that? Acidity from urine or whatever

It's hard to know what they mean when they haven't got sophisticated language... I have to stop myself putting words in her mouth, IYKWIM

Elibean Fri 05-Sep-08 13:25:58

Just another thought - threadworm?? Its just that I've seen lots of very similar posts on MN and most of them have turned out to be...

Then again, my dd has eczema and that, combined with being of an age which a) has very dry vaginal/vulval tissues and b) is likely to touch themselves a fair bit and c) isn't too great at wiping herself post pee/poo, means that she does occasionally get a bit sore.

If its a one-off, I wouldn't worry about it - but if it happens again, especially at night, I would buy some Ovex and see if that makes any difference. If it does, you will need to treat the whole family and take some hygiene precautions for a while...if it doesn't, no harm done (other than the price of the Ovex).

Threadworm, in case you haven't read all the relevent MN threads on the topic, tend to only cause symptoms at night and often 'wander' into front parts on little girls shock

ethanchristopher Fri 05-Sep-08 13:28:37

it might be that her urine is quite concentrated and that it was burning her.

it may also not be that bad and she is exaggerating for the purposes of staying up a little longer like my dc

but then i dont know your dc so i dunno

missingtheaction Fri 05-Sep-08 13:34:25

threadworms threadworms threadworms.

you may not want to read what I am about to write...

they crawl out of the bum looking for somewhere to lay their eggs. they are itchy so dd scratches and the eggs get on her fingers then in her mouth and then into her tummy. meanwhile mummy threadworm gets lost looking for home, and goes on a nice warm journey and finds another nice warm dark place to swim up...

or she just might have concentrated wee and a sore vulva from that.

but my money's on the little wriggly friends

over the counter tablets from boots, and make sure you ALL have them and ALL cut your nails

and be prepared to look for them if she waeks up crying again, and to VERY CAREFULLY remove them if necessary. maybe invest in some nice medical gloves while you are in boots. grin i so look forward to telling my dc about our adventures with threadworms when she has dd of her own

nervousal Fri 05-Sep-08 13:35:11

she doesn't tend to overreact normally - nad she wasn't wanting to stay up - she was crying that it wouldn't let her sleep. Never thought of threadworms - off for a google!

notnowbernard Fri 05-Sep-08 13:55:10

I too had read about threadworm on MN

On the occasions (2 or 3?) she has woken I have had a look with a torch and seen nothing

No evidence in poo, either (the legendary 'waving turd' - read it on MN!)

So have not been convinced it's been worms for dd. Also has never occured on consecutive nights

reginaphilangy Fri 05-Sep-08 14:02:36

How old is your dd? Can she wipe her bottom effectively?

My dd2 (aged 5) complained of a sore front bottom which went on for a couple of days. I took her to the GP and he asked how her toilet hygeine was? I told him that dd is generally farrrrrr too busy to wipe her bottom properly after a wee and he said that this is probably the problem. He diagnosed thrush and gave her some cream. It cleared up within 24 hours.

Just a thought.

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