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DD bumped her head yesterday about 12.30 and then last night at midnight she was sick. Connected?????

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Thomcat Thu 04-Sep-08 07:40:23

DD2 (aged 2yrs 8 months) fell off someone's sofa yesterday. I wasn't in room so didn't see quite what happened but she said she fell off sofa. She cried for a bit (slightly more than usual), had a cuddle etc.
She was left with red mark on back of her head, sort of behind her ear a bit and down into neck / hairline.
She recovered, played more, seemed fine. HAd usual afternoon nap, had tea etc.
Then last night she was sick at about midnight.
Kept her in bed with us all night and she was fine once she'd been sick (it wasn't a lot).

What do you reckon?

herbietea Thu 04-Sep-08 07:46:52

Message withdrawn

meep Thu 04-Sep-08 08:04:41

Thomcat, the same sort of thing happened to my dd last week. She fell off her wheelybug head first. She cried, was sick, then seemed fine until the next day when she strted being sick and very unhappy.

NHS24 referred us to our local childrens hospital where they kept her in for neuro observations - poor wee thing was woken every hour through the night for checks. Thet think it was actually a tummy bug but said it was best to be safe.

I woul speak to your gp or phone nhs24. hope she feels better soon.

hoxtonchick Thu 04-Sep-08 08:13:49

i'd ring your local children's a&e & see what they think. much quicker than nhs direct, & if they think you should go in they'll be ready for you. hope she's ok.

meep Thu 04-Sep-08 09:05:30

I keep forgetting that the nhs24 service here is really good and quick. Yes - phone your local children's a&e. Let us know how she is.

backintheday Thu 04-Sep-08 10:11:32

My DD had a bad bump and was sick a few hours later, when we were on holiday. Went to see the ships doctor after the fall and he told us she may well be sick, it was a common consequence - I would def just get her checked out. Let us know how you get on.

furrycat Thu 04-Sep-08 10:25:36

The official advice we're given after one of the ds's bumps their head at nursery (a common occurrence) is that you should keep an eye on them for 24 hours as it can take that long for symptoms to show. Worth getting it checked out

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