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Oral thrush in 4-month old baby - any advice for getting rid of recurrent bouts?

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PazzaPlusTwo Wed 03-Sep-08 23:50:57

Hi - I'd very much welcome any advice for getting rid of recurrent bouts of oral thrush. I have twin 4-month old girls and one twin has had 3 bouts, the other only 2 and much less (only one spot on tongue). They have had 2 courses of Nystatin drops from doc plus Clotrimazole cream for me which I've been using for a month now. Each time it does go away but comes back a week later. F'ing frustrating! Really careful about not swapping dummies or breast between them.

Wondered if there are any 'home' remedies that might help (like yoghurt for v-thrush!) rather than giving them more/stronger drugs. Do they grow out of it?


charchargabor Thu 04-Sep-08 00:22:14

You can get probiotic tablets called Acidophilus from Holland and Barrett. They work by rebalancing the gut flora. They can help a lot with recurrent bouts of thrush, and also diarrhoea. Here is a link about it with dosages. The page is about taking antibiotics, but you can use them even if you are not taking antibs.

Have you had the thrush for a month as well? Have you considered fluconazole. The BFN have a leaflet stating this is the best way to clear thrush from the mother. See here

Other alternative treatments for thrush are gentian violet and grapefruit seed extract for both mum and babies, but I don't know how available they are here.

Hope this helps, and that you are cleared of thrush soon! smile

PazzaPlusTwo Thu 04-Sep-08 00:50:46

thanks char - v useful!

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