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Have you taken your DC to the Wolfson Centre (at GOS)? Just wondering what to expect from them....

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mm22bys Wed 03-Sep-08 08:03:53


DS2 has developmental issues, but he doesn't have a name for his condition, nor do we know what caused it. He has been seen by a range of medical professionals, across many specialities, and has had lots of investigative tests done over the last 18 months. They are all basically normal. All the doctors say he is complex, and that he is an anomaly.

Luckily the medical side of things seems to be coming to a conclusion, after 18 months of our concerns, and he is receiving lots of physio, OT, SALT and ocassionally portage. It is all helping.

He has been referred to the Wolfson Centre (Neurodisability Service) at GOS. He has had lots of assessments before, and I don't want to put him (or us) through another one unnecessarily.

Have you taken your DC to be seen by them? What did you get out of the appointment, were they able to diagnose your DC?


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