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Hand foot and mouth in 8 month old...

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macdoodle Tue 02-Sep-08 22:19:40

Baby has been pretty poorly for few days, high temp, screaming and now seems to have fairly typical rash of hand foot and mouth
She is still plastered with rash especially on her bum bless her ...and few blisters on hands and feet....
She seems a lot better in herself now though, first noticed rash on Saturday..
We go to waterbabies and only have 2 swims left this term (we missed the 2 before the summer break as she was teething) is Thur morning..any thoughts whether she will be well enough to go or whether it is ok to go (will the other mums be pissed off if their LO's get it, would you??)
If we miss this one, will have missed almost a 1/3 which is a real pity and also as they are paid in advance a real waste of money

sdr Wed 03-Sep-08 08:14:44

Unless it's cleared up you may have to give it a miss - we occassionally have runs like that where you seem to miss most of the course you've paid for. Could you ask if they'd give you a credit towards the next set of sessions? Hope your baby is feeling better this morning, it's tough on you too being stuck at home.

oysterpots Wed 03-Sep-08 13:39:41

My DS had HF&M and they are contagious for at least as long as the rash is there (GPs recommend keeping out of school/nursery until rash all gone) but they also have the bug in their faeces for up to 4 weeks after infection. I'd say don't go!

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