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teeth problems. floritosis

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ethanchristopher Mon 01-Sep-08 13:36:49

Took DS to dentist because his teeth were literally (but slowly) crumbling away

The dentist said it was floritosis or something where he has too much floride

what do i do? stop brushing his teeth? he drinks tap water and there are high levels of floride in Anglesea so does that mean i have to filter or give him bottled water????


SJisontheway Mon 01-Sep-08 14:04:28

Could DS be swallowing tooth paste? There is a lot of floride in toothpaste so if it is being swallowed it can lead to problems. There are some good toothpastes on the market without. We use Weleda childrens tooth gel for DD. She likes the taste. You can get it in health food shops - but there are loads of alternatves out there. Good luck

Beeper Mon 01-Sep-08 17:13:31

Have a guess whose idea it was to put fluride in water......Hitlers.

Fluride is a toxic substance and should never be put in drinking water.

Firstly stop drinking the tap water and drink bottled water if you can afford it, filter it if you cant.

Don't use any toothpaste with fluride in it, it is not needed for healthy teeth. Get some organic childs tootpaste its about £3 a tube but lasts for ages. Also regualr toothopaste has sugar in it FFS...sugar in toothpaste.

My brother had this also, make sure that the sweets and the fizzy drinks are out, also drink fruit jucie through a straw. My brothers adult teeth came through fine. Also beware of calpol this used over long periods weakens teeth.

Hope things improve.

ethanchristopher Thu 04-Sep-08 23:32:58

thanks beeper!!!

and SJ

i was just a bit panicking cause ds is ds1 and im being very overprotective blush

jasper Fri 05-Sep-08 00:37:02

Sorry Beeper I am a dentist.
Can't let this pass.
You are talking dangerous nonsense.

ANYTHING is a poison when ingested at the wrong dose.
Fluoride in toothpaste at the correct concentration (1000parts per million) strengthens teeth without a shadow of a doubt.

Fluoride is a naturally occurring element, not some dangerous chemical concocted in a lab.

Regular toothpaste does NOT have sugar in it.
Where on earth did you get that idea?

you might as well brush your teeth with porridge as use non fluoridated toothpaste for all the good it does you.

I cannot stress this enought. Toothpaste without Fluoride is completely useless.

Look up the mumsnet looking after teeth advice. It is sensible and TRUE.

EC if your child's teeth are crumbling it is highly unlikely he has fluorosis.

What age is he and can you describe the teeth in detail? Any pain?

thumbwitch Fri 05-Sep-08 02:08:42

you might find this interesting. Fluoride has its risks.

Furball Fri 05-Sep-08 07:16:04

I stop using a flouride toothpaste and when I went for my next dental check up - he knew! My teeth had gone softer, his first question was do you still use a flouride toothpaste? of course I said no I don't anymore and he said I can tell, switch back pronto your teeth will probably recover but if you don't they won't. they need flouride to strengthen the enamel. He said so many people these days were switching to toothpaste without flouride and it was causing alsorts of teeth problems - he couldn't stress enough how important flouride for your teeth is.

Beeper Fri 05-Sep-08 12:50:12

Sorry Jasper but regular toothpaste does have saccharin in it.

Sorry but I do my research.

And my dentist only sells toothpaste with no flouride in it, and he is an excellent very qualifed progressive dentist, who also refuses to poison us with amaglam fillings, but oh yes mercury is naturally occuring as well so it cant possibly be a very dangerous neuro toxin the strips the myelin sheaths of the nerves of young babies, but no we go on happily shoving amalgams in there.

I don't do the old, we worship doctors thing, I think for myself.

thumbwitch Fri 05-Sep-08 13:00:57

<v.v.quietly - beeper, you know that saccharin is not sugar, don't you? it is an artificial sweetener>

ethanchristopher Fri 05-Sep-08 13:24:27

took ds to the dentist today and he said (he is 2 btw):

keep brushing his teeth with the toothpaste i use "aquafresh milk teeth" but use a smaller amount on the brush. dont give him as much tap water try and stick to bottled water

he said it was only mild fluorosis and was nothing to worry about however if it deveoped his big teeth could come through weaker than normal teeth and may develop into a more severe form.

i feel like a failure!!

can any MNer dentists give me some tips like the one that already commented pleaaase

Beeper Fri 05-Sep-08 14:07:53

ok may have me on that, but its also a nasty poison aswell wink

oh me and my 'think for myself comment'

Beeper Fri 05-Sep-08 14:09:56


Dont feel like a failure, it happens, as I said my brothers came through fine.

christywhisty Fri 05-Sep-08 17:16:12

My sons dentist suggested we gave ds flouride tablets. His back teeth came through bad and were told by another dentist that it was caused by fluorosis.

Tidgypuds Fri 05-Sep-08 17:30:14

Im with Jasper on this one, please heed her advice.
I was a dental nurse for 12 years and believe me I have seen the effects of not using flouride/toothpaste. You are looking at dental decay and that in my opinion is a million times more painful harmful to a child both physically and mentally (after they have had to have numerous extractions) than flourosis which at its most severe will cause discrete or confluent pitting and brown staining.

Yes by all means use filtered/bottled water but dont give up the flouride toothpaste.

Also im pretty sure that the damage done to teeth by flouride in large quantities is when the teeth are forming, not once they are through, is that right Jasper?

ethanchristopher Fri 05-Sep-08 18:19:21

i fully intend to still use his toothpaste. i just dont want his teeth to be curmbling away

JuneBugJen Fri 05-Sep-08 18:23:23

Listen to Jasper. As another dentist I fully support her/his comments.

Also, as toxic as mercury is Beeper, it is still held very stably in place. Lovely white 'progressive' fillings also have cancerous precursors in them, afraid nothing is 100% safe nowadays!!

JuneBugJen Fri 05-Sep-08 18:25:45

And have decided that is my last ever post as a dentist!! Realised I have to leave that life at the surgery or I will go mad (or is it all the mercury?) grin

nikkid21 Tue 09-Sep-08 21:17:55

Sorry to hijack thread but have any of experience of hyperplastic teeth?

DS6 was told that he will need all 4 back teeth removing in the next couple of years because of this and that his front ones will probably come through brown. PLUS he'll have to live with discoloured front teeth as the NHS doen't do veneers until he is 18!

Apparently his tooth care is fine (he has no plaque)but it's probably something that I did or took at the end of pregnancy when his tooth buds were forming.sad Any idea what ? The guilt is tearing me apart right now.

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