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HELP...DS may or may not have swallowed a stone or a shell

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geminigirl Sun 31-Aug-08 23:10:53

I know thats a bit vague but this evening about 6 o'clock, I left 10 month old DS in his playpen (too close to the windowsill..blush...valuable lesson learnt there ) and went out to the kitchen to put cups in the dishwasher, when I returned he had reached onto the windowsill and managed to find treasure in the shape of a basket of shells and stones which have been collected from various beaches.

He had one shell in his mouth which was speedily removed but now I'm fretting that he may have swallowed something else. He has had his dinner and fruit and he's also had a 10oz bottle feed tonight. He's fast asleep now and has had no apparent ill effects but my mum innocently mentioned that he looked pale earlier (internal bleeding? thinks hysterical me? ).

Just needing a bit of reassurance and advice

AvenaLife Sun 31-Aug-08 23:12:30

A stone should work it's way out. A shell could be a bit of a problem though. What shape was it?

SheSellsSeashellsByTheSeashore Sun 31-Aug-08 23:14:10

i would imagine that if its not causing a blockage in his throat it will pass through and come out the other end, just keep an eye on him for constipation. if he poohs he is fine. there will be no internal bleeding.

geminigirl Sun 31-Aug-08 23:16:46

The one that he had in his mouth was about half the size of his tongue and was rounded but there are a good few of them in the basket so i'm not sure.

geminigirl Sun 31-Aug-08 23:18:59

Well i'm working on the logic that if he didn't choke on it or it didn't cit his throat, it will work its way through....but that's all very well until it's bedtime....

AvenaLife Sun 31-Aug-08 23:19:46

You would have heard him if he'd have swallowed one of these, they are massive! He would have choked, he'd have needed to chew it and you would have known if he would have done. Keep an eye on his poos for a stone.

Don't worry! And move the basket. smile

geminigirl Sun 31-Aug-08 23:22:15

Think I might have to keep a vigil over him tonight! Now the basket of shells holds another memory!

AvenaLife Sun 31-Aug-08 23:25:03

smile Chances are he only tried this one. They do like to put things in their mouth, it's normal. They explore this way.

zazen Sun 31-Aug-08 23:28:37

Wait and see. My DD swallowed a tiny pebble when she was in the park at about 20 months.

I had to poke about in her poop to find it, but I did find it. No harm done (except to my delicate sensibilities!).
A bit gross and crime scene investigation-ish, but I had to find it - otherwise I would have nightmares about it being stuck in her guts somewhere forever shock

Just watch his nappies and keep him hydrated - you don't want him to be constipated if he has to pass something big.

geminigirl Sun 31-Aug-08 23:29:31

God it's wild isn't it! He found a wee bit of tinfoil the other day and it came out in the nappy today. He obviously decided I wasn't being kept on my toes enough. smile It's getting to be a bit of a joke now when DS comes in from work and I have another 'Guess what he swallowed today' quiz!

AvenaLife Sun 31-Aug-08 23:32:14

ds once shoved a load of wallpaper he'd pulled off the wall up his nose. I had no idea, we were walking to nursery, he sneezed and out it came.

I'm off to bed. I hope everything's OK. smile Goodnight.

geminigirl Sun 31-Aug-08 23:37:33

LOL AvenaLife!! I'm just picturing the scene!! Hey, thanks for that grin Night night.

Good idea Zazen, I must make sure that I get plenty of fluid into him. I think I will be on poo watch for a while now blush

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