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oh bloomin' heck, ds has impetigo, it's meant to be his first day at school on Tuesday..:-(

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geekgirl Sun 31-Aug-08 08:21:48

He's got a sore on his cheek that was weeping yesterday and is today covered by a yellow crust, looks just like the impetigo pictures in my 'Hypochondriac's Guide to Diseases' DK Family Health book. I've got some Bactroban ointment here leftover from a nasal staph infection dd2 had a couple of months ago - apparently that's also used to treat impetigo so have started using that this morning. Do the sores usually respond quickly to the ointment?

Obv. can't get him to see the GP until tomorrow but am hoping that it will have improved enough by then anyway.hmm

OH NO! Actually 48 hours after it is being treated he should be ok to go to school but make sure you speak to the teacher and explain it is being treated or she might send him home! info here

Good luck for his first day smile

detoxdiva Sun 31-Aug-08 08:59:29

Dd just had it - I was advised to keep her off nursery until the scabs had dried up and weren't yellow any more. She actually developed more patches before she was clear, and had Bactroban as well as oral antibiotics, which did clear it up quite quickly.

It's extremely contagious (sp??) so don't share towels etc and clean all his bedding etc well. I developed a patch on my hand as well, so be careful!

Good luck - hope he's better soon smile

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