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DS's eye problem getting him down. Anyone any experience?

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3kids1cat Thu 28-Aug-08 12:49:50

DS 7.5 had been getting what I thought were styes, every once in a while. About 4 months ago, a red sore lump appeared on his right upper eyelid. I assumed it was a stye, put some treatment gel on it, and some warm compresses a couple of times a day. A week later it was no better, and another lump had come up on his left lower lash line. I kept up with the treatment, but after a week of no improvement took him to GP.

GP seemed unsure of what it was, but prescribed him a course of AB's. He took these for a week, no improvement. Went back the GP, was given more AB's.

Went back two weeks later and as there was no improvement GP referred him to the eye specialist at the hospital. The appointment isn't for another 3 weeks, and ds is unhappy about having to go back to school with his eyes looking as bad as they did last term, because children were making mean comments to him. Does anyone have any idea what it could be, or any way to help clear it up. Don't want ds to go back to school upset.

3andnomore Fri 29-Aug-08 12:42:35

I am so sorry for your isn't easy....especially if he was being teased...isn't there anything else the gp could try out whilst waitng for referral?

I know it's no use, but tell your son to ignore any teasing and tell him that people that tease are clearly not worth worrying about and that only silly people do it! But, like I said, I know it won't make much difference...!
Tell him also that it will be just a matter of time till it's sorted, which is worth a lot....!
And meanwhile just reassure him, give him lots of tlc and make him feel special

Hopefully someone else will come along and maybe have some better suggestions than I have!

3kids1cat Mon 01-Sep-08 09:46:22

Thanks 3, I have spoken to him about the teasing. He is very sensible and understands that it's their problem not his, but he is also quite sensitive and really thought it would be cleared up by the start of the new term.

As it is he is saying he doesn't want to go back. It's really upsetting not being able to help him. The gp was pretty useless tbh, he's a nice guy but seemed stumped by what it is, and could only offer ab's as a treatment.

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