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benandoli Wed 27-Aug-08 19:33:50

My 3 year old has been fantastic to potty train and we thought he had really good muscles as really seemed to push when doing a wee. Then we noticed that his willy seems to blow up like a balloon when he starts to push and then after a delay the wee comes out. He also complains that his willy is sore sometimes. Anyway I took him to the GP whoh got me to pull the skin back and you could see that there is an excess of skin on the end and the opening is very tight. So we have an appointment with a urologist. Any advice, experience? The thought of my lovely little boy being cut is horrible!

amytheearwaxbanisher Wed 27-Aug-08 19:55:56

my ds had to be circumsised when he was 16 months as the doctor noticed his forskin was very tight and told us it would cause problems in a year or was very hard watching my baby go under anesthetic and be in pain but the next day he was up and walking aboutvery nervously and wincing a bit but not half as bad as i had imagined he would be.nappy changing was very hard but as you ds is trained that wont be a problem my ds was much braver then his mummy!

WobblyPig Wed 27-Aug-08 20:01:46

A degree of ballooning is normal but not the pain.

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