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The evening vomit

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noneshallsleep Mon 25-Aug-08 21:14:35

Any bright ideas? Ds is 11 months, and through the day eats and drinks quite normally. He's teething and has a bad cold, so has quite a bad cough and is very snottty. After his evening meal, and his evening bottle, he is suddenly very sick (vast quantities, all over me). He will then take more milk, and go to sleep. This has happened for the last 5 nights. I'm getting fed up of being covered in sick, and it makes the bedtime routine rather lengthy. Is it just the snot making him gag? Any other ideas?

becaroo Mon 25-Aug-08 21:35:33

Could well son used to be sick when he had a bad cold.

Is his poo ok?

greenandpleasant Mon 25-Aug-08 21:55:14

oh I remember this ... ds now 16 mo and has not done it for around 4 months, just before he turned 1 in fact. would be fine all day, go to bed and cough, cough, cough, cough, puke.... EVERYWHERE. I was told by GP that young children use their stomach muscles to cough, hence puking. it may have conincided with teething and cold, he seemed to have a permanent cold for about 4 months at the same time. he has done lots of teething in last few weeks and no bother so that may not be related.

anyhoo... I moved his teatime forward to 4.30, just 30 mins, so he'd had more time to digest that before the evening milk. also learned the signs of when coughing was likely to turn to puking and was ready to leg it into his room and get him out of the cot (put monitor on top volume so could listen to every cough and grunt!). left a bucket and towel underneath on the floor of his room each night in readiness. I feel for you - the times I missed ... poor child, sick all over the cot, or over me if I picked him up a second too late and a couple of times all over his face poor lamb. if I was quick I would get him up and out of the cot and standing over the bowl just in the nick of time. it would happen anytime from 2 mins to 2 hours after bedtime and if not by then not at all.


I think they must grow out of it. check with your GP anyway but

greenandpleasant Mon 25-Aug-08 21:57:15

sorry that went a bit wrong at the end ...

meant to say, worth checking with the GP but probably a stage that he will grow out of soon ...


enrique Tue 26-Aug-08 11:31:49

Vomiting - overanxious or rightly concerned?! my dd is 12mths and has bouts of vomiting. (similar pattern to noneshallsleep's ds I think)- will eat and drink normally through the day and then vomit (copiously) normally at some point during the early evening or night. Seems to happen every three to four weeks and can last for a week or so at a time. Have been to the doctor several times and the health visitor on numerous occasions. No-one seems terribly interested. Latest theory was a lactose intolerance but tried soya and it's made no difference. The only pattern is that it seems to occur when a new tooth arrives. But it's so extreme, I'd be really interested in hearing from others who can shed light/have similar. Am hounding my GP a bit at the moment as I'm fairly worried - not sure any more what's the right response? should I relax a bit and wait until she grows out of it or take her to see a gastro-specialist?

Seona1973 Tue 26-Aug-08 13:24:56

my dd went through a vomiting stage after her last bottle in the evening. I ended up giving her an ounce or so less in the bottle and the puking stopped. I think with dinner and the bottle being a couple of hours apart that her tummy was too overloaded and it all came up again if she drank too much before bed.

greenandpleasant Tue 26-Aug-08 13:36:32

enrique, from my own experience (see above) while it's worrying at the time, if it's every once in a while, or even every evening for a few nights in a row, it is probably not a problem. if it's all day for 2 or 3 days then dehydration is an immediate issue and there may be some other problem. my GP was very relaxed about it, I went a couple of times (as should you if you are concerned)and they really weren't bothered.

the main issue for us was the child-and-cot-covered-in-sick-at-bedtime. ds would be distressed while vomiting, once cleaned up he was fine and didn't even want more milk, just went to sleep as normal.

it's not something I read about as a normal occurence in the baby books, but it seemed to be a fairly normal issue for us and nothing underlying it. ds hasn't done this in ages and has tea later again with no bother, can cough a fair bit without vomiting so they do seem to grow out of it. if your dc doesn't then again go to the GP.

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