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DD (14mo) drinks a LOT of water

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Bumperlicious Sun 24-Aug-08 22:15:53

DD is 14mo and she has always loved water. She was bfed on demand until a few months ago (now just once or twice a day). But she drinks a lot of water, she drink it out of anything ( a sponge, flannel - current favourite is my sports bottle). At meal times she can't wait until we offer her a drink. She has got to a stage where she can ask for it in her own way (waving a cup at me and going "do-do-do-do"

I suspect she just loves water, but just wondering if I should be worried at all?

Elibean Sun 24-Aug-08 22:23:04

My dd2 is 21 mos, and just the same - it occasionally crosses my mind to worry about diabetes, but tbh she doesn't have any other symptoms. I think she's just a water freak - baths, swimming, drinking, splashing in puddles, any way she can get it wink

I think cups and bottles are fun in themselves at your dd's age, too.

DS is 13 months and is exactly the same. As soon as he's in the bath he's sucking every last drop from a flannel.

I too occasionally worry about it but he's fine in every other way. Just loves water, I think.

Do you guys give fruit juice or anything? DS occasionally gets really, really dilute apple or orange juice (maybe 1-2 times a week) with a meal, but seems just as happy to take water which is nice so I stick to it mostly. Just wondering if I am depriving him terribly blush

Bumperlicious Sun 24-Aug-08 22:53:31

I've tried with a bit of dilute OJ but she's not that fussed. Thanks for the replies, I'm sure she is fine, just wondering if I should be concerned.

Elibean Mon 25-Aug-08 14:01:53

I've only added a drop of juice into dd2's cup of water if she's spotted dd1 having juice (she's nearly 5) and yelled 'juiiiiithe!'.

She's happy with water though, plenty of time for juice later - I still dilute dd1's and she's fine with it smile

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