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Listless and misreable 13 mth old..pls help!!!!

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Eilatan Fri 22-Aug-08 21:00:07

OK - rational stuff first: I have a throaty, shall we say, PRODUCTIVE (YUK!) coughh and have felt a bit lousy since Tuesday. 13 month old is poorly AND teething. Rational me says, he's got my bug and cos he's little it's hit him harder than me....AND he's teething of course.

Irrational me: Help! He's so quiet and listless and has been since Tuesday evening. No appetite except for follow up formula and juice...temperture up and down. He plays half heartedly for ten mins or so, then conks out again. Just wants to sleep or sit with eyes half open. Even the Numberjacks which usually send him nuts don't help. Normally such a live wire. In fact he normally wears me out!

His colour and respiration seem fine. Just no appetite and SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO listless.

I would feel a plonker if I went to GP (as I have before) and they just say it's a bug, fluids etc (in other words: why are you bothering us for this????) I should have took him to docs this AM but he was a bit more cheerful then. Now it's bloody weekend and worse - bank holiday and I'll never get to see a GP.

I'm stupid - I know. But if any of you super experienced mums could offer advice I'd be so grateful.

fruitymum Fri 22-Aug-08 21:02:24

Is he still having plenty of wet nappies?
What is his temp?
Are you giving him any meds?

gingerninja Fri 22-Aug-08 21:04:09

Poor little love

Has he got a fever?

Have you given him any calpol or anything? If so does he perk up afterwards?

If so, I'd think it was just the cold. BUT. only you know whether you're comfortable with that. Doctors don't take any risks with children so don't be embarassed about taking him or calling them out if you're worried.

To be honest, the lack of attitude wouldn't bother me too much but if he is feverish and floppy then yes, i'd be concerned.

Eilatan Fri 22-Aug-08 21:04:15

Lots of wet nappies.
Calpol but he spits it out sometimes.

Thanks for quick reply!

Eilatan Fri 22-Aug-08 21:04:17

Lots of wet nappies.
Calpol but he spits it out sometimes.

Thanks for quick reply!

S1ur Fri 22-Aug-08 21:04:53

If he's drinking enough milk and juice I wouldn't worry about the lack of appetite.

Being lethergic and tired do often come with being poorly. But it has been a while now. I would keep a very close eye and take him to the out of hours gp when you can.

It is probably 'just' a virus knocking him out, but you're worried and that's enough to warrant a trip to the gp.

gingerninja Fri 22-Aug-08 21:05:14

appetite, not attitude hmm div alert

gingerninja Fri 22-Aug-08 21:08:00

Try and get the calpol into him if he's got a high temp. You need to bring it down (38 is moderately high). You can back to back with nurofen if need be (ie his temp doesn't reduce with the calpol) I think you probably should take him to the Drs to be honest even if it's just for your own reassurance.

fruitymum Fri 22-Aug-08 21:09:26

I would keep up the fluids - adding yoghurts , icecream, jelly etc when able , keep an eye in his temp and keep up with the regular calpol and give Ibuprofen syrup in between , if he needs it , and is not asthmatic.
However if you feel he is getting worse or you are more concerned please get in touch with nhs 24.
Hope he and you are both feeling well soon. x

fruitymum Fri 22-Aug-08 21:10:49

Forgot to say - tepid sponging is great for making little ones feel more confortable and getting the temp down.

AvenaLife Fri 22-Aug-08 21:18:21

I would say that he needs to see a doctor tomorrow if he is feverish, coughing, off food, and quiet. He does sound ill to me. It's possibly a chest infection, they will listen to his chest so they will know if it is this.

Is his chest rising when he breathes or does his stomach rise? How fast is he breathing? Any noises when he breathes in and out?

Eilatan Sat 23-Aug-08 03:35:12

hello, we all conked out on sofa....sorry, must have seemed like i was ignoring ppl. I read thro posts bleary eyed and resolved to call GP in am.
At 3am - standing up in cot making cooing noises - not as noisy as usual but brighter. Now he's 'helping' me to type. still rubbing gums and hot and red on l side of face. respiration seems ok but I would like gp to check chest soon. it seems that every time he gas a do like this it coincides wiyh teeth, I never know if its a cold, a bug, teeth or both.

many thanks for all ur help. Does ibruprofen get temp down like a paracetamol based med?

thanks again, I'd go nuts if I couldn't ask for hep like this!

SazzlesA Sat 23-Aug-08 03:55:39

Message withdrawn

AvenaLife Sat 23-Aug-08 11:12:29

Ibuprofen is often better than paracetamol at getting a temperature down and it works faster. It doesn't just keep inflamation down, it's used for other things aswell.

Eilatan Mon 25-Aug-08 18:22:27


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