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Slow moving chicken pox ... Yawn!

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chillyigloo Wed 20-Aug-08 15:20:47

My 19 month old daughter has the pox!

Her 1st spots appeared on Friday so we're currently on day 6 and new spots are still appearing!

I know that 'usually' they are non-contagious about a week after the 1st spots have appeared (when they've crusted over) but given that we're nearly at a week already and we're STILL getting new spots, is this going to take ages?!!

Anyone else have slow chicken pox?? She feels so sorry for herself, bless her, I just want it over now. Plus - I'm getting cabin fever quarantined in the house. The rain is stopping garden play and all the indoor play areas nearby are packed with school kids so I can't really take her there!

We're BORED!

choufleur Wed 20-Aug-08 18:59:13

DS's scabs are just going away but sorry he had spots appearing for about 10 days, so you may well have a few more days to go.

can you see other friends with DCs who have already had chicken pox?

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