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DC up all night

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norksinmywaistband Tue 19-Aug-08 10:51:09

DC age 2 & 3 have been up being sick periodically during the night.
Ds is now able to keep water down but now has a raging temp.(102)
DD is being sick even sniffing water.

Next steps
should I give DS something for the temp or just keep him cool.?
How long should I worry about DD with no fluids and still being sick?

Both are very sleepy especially DD.

They have never really been ill before so not sure what to do

ummadam Tue 19-Aug-08 22:49:39

How are they both? i have just seen this message and hopefully they are better now but DD needs to see a doctor if she is not keeping water down as kids dehydrate quickly. I would give DS some calpol to help with the temperature as he will feel 100x better and continue giving him water (but sips only - if either has gulps they will be sick).

if they are no better yet please take DD to A+E and DS if his temperature is not settling with calpol.

norksinmywaistband Wed 20-Aug-08 08:21:20

thanks for the reply.
I got DD to keep water down by giving it to her on a teaspoon and not from a cup.
I gave calpol and ds temp came down, later that day dd got the temp again relieved with calpol.
Luckily I think they were exhausted and had a good night.

ummadam Wed 20-Aug-08 08:45:45

well done you! glad they are both better. It might be worth getting a few syringes (5ml and 10ml) from the chemist for next time as they are very cheap and useful. Kids often find it more fun taking water from them as they can oush the plunger themselves and you know exactly how much they are getting. 5ml every 5min for the first hour can be a good start before moving onto trying cups again (and they are good for getting them to take meds aswell) hope you have a better day today

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