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Advice needed regarding measles immunity

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Weegle Mon 18-Aug-08 10:09:24

DS is 2.2 - he had his first MMR vaccine at 15 months. We have just had a letter from the GP saying that as an epidemic is currently threatening our area they strongly recommend getting the second booster done immediately. As I understand it the second booster is a "catch all" for those who don't get immunity from the first vaccine. Is that correct? If so, we would like to have DS immunity tested prior to the jab, so as if he is immune we will not have him have the booster. Where can I find out where offers immunity testing (we will pay) - the GP receptionist was distinctly unhelpful. I guess it also needs to test the mumps and rubella immunity. I really do want to make sure he is immune but do not wish to give him the vaccine unnecessarily as we have a history of auto-immune disorders in the immediate family. I'd be grateful for any advice on where I can get this done and what the process involves. I had thought I had a bit more time to think about this, but obviously not!

AtheneNoctua Mon 18-Aug-08 10:21:26

Single jab clinics often offer immunity testing as well. Do you have a single jab clinic nearby?

Weegle Mon 18-Aug-08 10:24:51

I don't know, and I don't know how to find out. I have googled various phrases and all I'm coming up with are info about the MMR, which is not what I'm looking for. What do you suggest I google?

thisisyesterday Mon 18-Aug-08 10:25:46

was going to say the same as athene.
google them if you don't know of any.

i think you can request an immunity test from your GP, though don't know if they have to provide it, or how sympathetic they would be

thisisyesterday Mon 18-Aug-08 10:26:03

google single jabs and your area

PortAndLemon Mon 18-Aug-08 10:27:12

Whereabouts are you? I know places in London area that will do blood tests for immunity.

Weegle Mon 18-Aug-08 10:32:04

ok I've done that - the nearest seems to be an hour's drive - does that seem likely? (I'm in the south east, west Kent). But it says they don't offer immunity tests. And I found this on an NHS site:

There are blood and saliva tests available that measure antibody levels to measles, mumps and rubella viruses but these were not designed to check immunity. These tests were designed on the basis of acute infection and not for the measurement of protection levels against these diseases. In fact, there is very little evidence about what are the protective levels of antibodies needed to produce adequate immunity to measles, mumps and rubella. No conclusions regarding immunity can be drawn from this test, thus there is no apparent gain from carrying out what can be an unpleasant, painful blood test.

Which rather implies I should just go for the MMR booster, but I really am worried about the auto-immune thing as they are really significant disorders and diseases e.g. arthritis and thyroid problems.

AtheneNoctua Mon 18-Aug-08 10:50:23

Our Gp keeps asking me about DD's booster as well. She had single jabs around age 2 and is 5 now. I'm not too fussed because I think the best immunity would actually come from her catching measels (which would be mild because she has already had a jab -- if she had not had a measels jab it would be a different story).

The sinic in me thinks the NHS has written that bit because they want you to get the booster and not waste "their" money on an immunity test.

catweazle Wed 20-Aug-08 16:18:30

Holborn medical centre in Harley St does immunity testing. Google babyjabs or Richard Halvorsen.

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