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Suitable Sun Cream for Eczema???? E45 made things worse!

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fordywastaylor Sat 16-Aug-08 19:08:57

Can anyone help? My DS has slight eczema which is mainly controlled by Oilatum and Aquaeous cream, the usual areas such as creases of arms and legs etc. However yesterday we had some sun here (can you believe that!!) and I had some E45 sun cream especially for eczema in children, which has made it all worse. Face is now all blotchy and basically so is wherever we applied the cream. Has anyone any other suggestions??? The trouble is in the UK with our hopeless weather I am never prepared for the sun. Maybe for next year I will be prepared and find something more suitable. I did read somewhere that the thicker the cream - ie the higher the factor, the worse it is for blocking the pores etc. Better to use a lower factor and be more careful - has anyone heard that before???

Macdog Sat 16-Aug-08 19:34:40

I have excema and find that Boots Soltan is excellent for me.
Supermarket own usually good for me too, except perfumed ones sad

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bran Sat 16-Aug-08 19:44:44

It's probably already been mentioned on one of the threads that Macdog has linked to but you could try Bergaderm, Aveeno or Sunsense.

DS has eczema and we have sucessfully used Bergaderm in the past, but it's very painful if it gets into the eyes and it's quite white when it's on. Last year we used Aveeno but this year he reacted very badly to it, so now we are using Sunsense toddler roll on, which is also the easiest to apply of any that we've tried so far.

If you really don't want to apply anything and your ds doesn't burn easily then you could try just covering up, wearing a hat and keeping him in the shade when the sun is highest in the sky. This works reasonably well with ds if we forget the sunblock, but then he is half asian so doesn't really burn.

fordywastaylor Sat 16-Aug-08 20:16:28

Hi, thanks, the Proderm make seems to keep appearing so I will look into that. I have heard of Aveeno but my chemist said it was hard to get hold of - out of stock or something. Sunsense - is that from a regular chemist? I had thought of the brand simple myself. My DS is blonde hair and blue eyes and will burn if I don't use anything, so I have to get myself organised for next year. Can you get free samples from these companies???

bran Sat 16-Aug-08 20:46:24

Proderm is called Bergaderm now in case you can't find it in the shops. I order Aveeno and Sunsense online from the sites I linked to (you need to type Sunsense into the search box). I doubt you can get free samples of any of them, even if you are in a shop they don't usually let you open them to do an allergy test. You could email them and ask I suppose, but Aveeno is in the States and Sunsense comes from Australia so I doubt they'd be keen to send samples all that way.

The Sunsense toddler roll on is very reasonably priced, and I use the Sunsense Daily Face for myself (it's tinted so it doesn't look white and greasy when on). I haven't seen it in a pharmacy, but then I do a lot of shopping online and hardly ever go into a rl shop.

I'm hoping that ds will still be ok with it next year and I won't have to find different one again next year. I really like the Sunsense the best of everything I've tried, both for him and myself.

myjobismum Sat 16-Aug-08 20:49:50

dont know if will work for your DS - but DS has eczema which is well controlled as long as dont put anything on his skin which contains perfumes, soap etc - have found i can smother him in simple baby factor 50 sun cream and have had no reaction (have used nearly half the bottle now and leaves his skin clear and soft) hope you get it sorted soon, is so horrbile seeing them sore and itchy!

NoBiggy Sat 16-Aug-08 20:57:57

DD2 has mild eczema, found that Soltan was awful, but Nivea (I think? Dark blue bottle with an orange top) was fine.

cremolafoam Sat 16-Aug-08 21:08:38

if you can get it try aveeno some on ebay

or you can actually get something prescribed by gp ususally vichy or roc

i can tolerate uvistat which has a high factor

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