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consipation in 4 yr old. sorry bit long

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katiekittlemouse Sat 16-Aug-08 17:00:34

dd has been constipated for 4+ days now. Pharmasist recommended syrop of figs - taken for 2 days, not worked.
Rang emergency doctor today who said bring her in as they needed to feel her abdomen. Took her in - waited 1.5 hours to see a a doc, who then only looked at her bottom for fissures (told him I didn't think there were any, and there weren't).
He wouldn't check her tummy - even though I asked him - said it wasn't necessary. He prsecribed suppositories which I don't think that my daughter will allow me to put in. She is now getting paranoid about going to the loo - even for a wee. She says it all hurts. Every now and then she goes into the toilet and wipes, and there is a leakage of poo (sorry if too much info), but it's obviously blocked in by the hard poo that's been there for days.
She won't stay ont he toilet long enough to let it come out as she says it hurts.

Have tried the potty as it's an easier position, that doesn't work either - she won't stay on it. She is drinking loads of water too.

Would you give your 4 yr old suppositories - I just don't think she would hold it in long enough, iyswim???

help anyone??

katiekittlemouse Sat 16-Aug-08 17:08:04

bump - anyone had same/similar probs... need some reassurance or advice?

critterjitter Sun 17-Aug-08 13:14:22

Hi Katiekittlemouse

I do have experience of this with my DD (its ongoing). It sounds like chronic constipation.

The leakage of poo that you are talking about is actually as a result of the constipation.

I have had to resort to suppositories with her, and the dose has now been doubled by our GP. Even though the process is not pleasant, they do ease things. My DD was vomiting at one stage as a result of being so badly constipated.

Lots of fresh fruit also helps things along a bit (but not always).

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