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i need advice please my son can only eat 4 months jars and needs a thickner in his drink

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mandy369 Sat 16-Aug-08 00:08:24

wanted a bit of advice, my son is 15 months old since he has been norn he has had trouble with reflux he was always vomiting the doctors eventually put him on sma staydown which seem to work we started trying to wean him then but he wouldnt eat, any drinks he had apart from his sma stay down he would choke on i, i had numerous trips to the doctors but coz he was gaining weight they wasnt concerned about him but i was. he started eating 4 month jars at about 9-10 months old but still couldnt drink fluids apart from his baby milk, he was eventually referred for a barium meal about 4 weeks ago which confirmed, everything he drank was going down his windpipe which was why he kept choking and why he kept getting chest infections, i have been given a thickner now to put in his drinks and been told not too worry about him not eating lumps yet to keep him on the 4 month jars, he still wakes for a night feed because he isnt getting the food he needs in the day, he is seeing a speech and language therapist to help me through it but it just isnt enough is there anyone out there that has been or going through the same as me i would love some advice because its hard work knowing what to do for him.

west3 Sat 16-Aug-08 09:48:49

No direct experience but if you are worried about how much/little he is eating then request a referral to a dietitian aswell. They will work with the speech therapy lot as to what is the required thickness/texture of his food and be able to give you some ideas/suggestions to supplement his diet and give him and you some variety.

mandy369 Sat 16-Aug-08 11:03:07

i will look into that thank you

mandy369 Mon 18-Aug-08 23:11:20

if anyone else has any experience with there child on the illness or knows someone i would be grateful for some info thank you

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