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failed 2 screening hearing test...what can that mean? Anyone else experienced this??

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nannyjo Fri 15-Aug-08 18:15:56

DS3 (5 weeks old)has failed his screening test for his hearing in one ear by the health visitor and also at the audiology clinic (more complex teast) He is now due to go back next week for more extensive test. I've been told not to worry yet as these are just screening tests and the next test will show in more details what is happening. Surely somethin g must be wrong as it showed fail but to what gedree is it wrong or am i just being paranoid??

Has anyone else experienced this and have things been OK or has it been bad news??

Any help would be greatly experienced.


tiggerlovestobounce Fri 15-Aug-08 18:41:29

These tests are incredibly oversenstive.
My DD failed this test twice. Something as simple as them having a cold or still being a bit moist after delivery is apparently enough to make them fail.

Please dont worry until you have had the definitive test. I actually feel quite annoyed at all the hassle that we were put through over these tests when they are so easy to fail. I know that they do this to make sure they catch absolutely everyone who might have a problem, but the trade off of that is all the anxiety it causes for parents!

Hope that the next test goes well for you.

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