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Please talk to me about glue ear.

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snooks Thu 14-Aug-08 20:16:33

Hello, ds2 is 2.3 and has just been diagnosed with glue ear by our gp (after much to-ing and fro-ing to differents docs over several months).

We have a consultant appt in about 2 weeks. I've been reading existing threads on the subject but wanted to talk to you anyway! Can anyone tell me what to expect from now on? (And is there any truth in what I have read that glue ear children are often difficult/grumpy/un-socialising and treatment can help? I've started threads in the past about ds2's grumpiness.)

Any advice or experiences shared are (as usual smile much appreciated.

twoboots Thu 14-Aug-08 20:33:32

the issue with glue ear is as to whether it has caused a hearing impairment. if it has done then you could be offered grommets (even at 2) or some time to monitor with a follow up hearing test.

Saggarmakersbottomknocker Thu 14-Aug-08 20:35:23

Hello snooks - all my three had glue ear. I'll tell you about ds2 as he was the worst. He barely slept at night, had night terrors, slept alot during the day but always woke in a foul mood, he had huge tantrums, headbanged, barely ate. Seriously, he was a nightmare. Frankly I'm surprised he made it to 3 without me doing him in. Also at 2.5 he had barely intelligible speech.

Two of the three had grommits - they also had tonsils and adenoids removed. It was absolutely the best thing I did for them. ds2's behaviour really improved, as did his speech.

dd suffered to a lesser extent and we didn't have surgery for her as she also has other health issues that put her at risk during a GA. I looked into cranial osteopathy which can help apparently by helping to drain the tubes. In the end she grew out of it.

Obviously going for surgery is a personal decision and I know that some people have to have repeated grommit insertions. Some surgeons also have the opinion that grommits work best when combined with a tonsilectomy.

Hope this helps.

morocco Thu 14-Aug-08 20:37:28

ds2 is incredibly sociable and an easy child. he does tend to be a bit in his own world and (bit obv this) has a tendency to be overly loud and in his own world at times but he's never been grumpy or unsociable at all.
his hearing is great right now after a short course of nasal steroid spray (flixonase). it will prob get worse again over winter with colds etc but as he's nearly 5 now hopefully it won't be an issue for too much longer
he wasn't diagnosed til he was 4 but I susepcted glue ear since he was 2 but everyone told me I was imagining it as his speaking etc is so good. I wish I'd known since he was 2 really.

snooks Thu 14-Aug-08 21:10:38

thanks for this.

twoboots, I have wondered alot about his hearing because his speech is so poor - he can only say the first syllable of a handful of words, but his hearing seems to me to be ok, although I've never done a scientific (!) test. I'm speaking to my hv about a SALT referral although she doesn't know yet about the glue ear diagnosis.

saggarmakers, good grief, all 3?? my ds2 sounds alot like yours although maybe not quite as bad - I can relate to the speech/waking in a foul mood (and always still tired)/tantrums etc. On the face of it when I describe him to people much of it sounds like normal toddler behaviour but I've always known that he was 'different' (although I hate to label him). He is just so miserable so much of the time. It breaks my heart but I'm ashamed to say it also exasperates me then I feel guilty. I feel relieved to have a 'diagnosis'.

morocco can I ask what made you suspect glue ear? Was it just the hearing? I'm glad your ds is getting better btw. Makes me think there is probably lots of variation in severity if that makes sense. I just presumed that 'glue ear' was 'glue ear' iykwim.

morocco Thu 14-Aug-08 21:17:27

he had quite bad glue ear apparently [gulty mum face]
what made me suspect? lol after about 2 years of him saying 'what?' and not listening to a word I said smile in my defence, he was very good at lip reading, and I had more to worry about at the time with ds1 who was seriously ill and in and out of hospital the whole time. also noone else agreed with me. even the doctor wouldn't refer him (also wouldn't check his ears though!).
he also is incredibly clumsy as his balance is affected
the strange thing is, it affects the way the brain is wired and it takes a while for the brain to adjust once hearing is back to normal. he had his last test last week and hearing back to normal but he still acts like he can't hear half of what we say

snooks Thu 14-Aug-08 21:41:52

morocco can't believe your doc wouldn't even check his ears!! There is a lot to be said for a mother's instinct I reckon. ds2 is a clumsy oaf too. Maybe he is ignoring you in preparation for the teenage years? Hope your ds1 is ok now too.

Just read this back and apologies for the short sharp sentences. DH keeps talking to me, (how dare he when I'm mn)

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