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any one els with a ds 7 with hart probs

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kee27 Wed 13-Aug-08 22:14:05

my son is 7 and last year he was admited to hos . with a iregula heart beat . of 180 bpm and was very ill . went blue like a death couler . and was sort of life less . well any way he got better the next day after they gave hime sum stuff to slow it down . then he had to have a 24 hour ecg done . well he had it on at school and when they read it after 24 hours there was sum abnormalties sorry my spelling is crap lol . but the ped said that if if keeps happing they will look in to it . and that was that . so any way i have had to tk him bk to the docs . as he has started to have dizzy spells a lot . also gets out of breath and has palptations . and says his heart burns any on know what this might be . also he has no strenth to do much .

misdee Wed 13-Aug-08 22:18:01

oh bless him. not nice to feel so poorly when so young.

my dd1 (8years old) has a minor heart problem, but so far it doesnt affect her day to day life.

i would keep pushing the paed for some answers and reassurence.

kee27 Wed 13-Aug-08 22:29:50

i am going to this time hun . trust me last time i was just told no he will be fine we will just keep an eye on him . but its to regula now if u kno wwhat i mean . at first they did say it is like what tony blar had . were they would just have to re shock the heart if it keep happning . but i just hope he is going to be ok im just worring to much i think . but he is still my lill man lol . so glad ur dd1 is not affected byr hers bless thanks x

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