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StealthPolarBear Wed 13-Aug-08 16:24:17

DS is 15mo - conjuntivitis started last thurs in that i noticed he had a blob of muck that came back mins after wiping away. Full blown by friday so docs and drops (chloramphenicol). Was dreadful over the weekend, definitely got better but still not gone - is that normal?

StealthPolarBear Wed 13-Aug-08 16:56:01


Dragonbutter Wed 13-Aug-08 17:02:18

yeah, sounds like it's improving, but can take a while.

StealthPolarBear Wed 13-Aug-08 17:20:55

thanks. i was given the impression it would be 2 or 3 days!

Dragonbutter Thu 14-Aug-08 22:36:17

how's he doing?

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