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Occasionally my dd gets this horrible smell about her, think it comes from her mouth?

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allgonebellyup Wed 13-Aug-08 07:55:01

She only gets this every so often, she is almost 9.

When i get up in the morning and open my door, i can smell the smell coming from her room when her door is still shut!
She cleans her teeth a lot, but i sometimes think it may stem from her being dehydrated and not drinking enough?

last night she was a bit shivery and couldnt wait to go to bed.

Please help, im sure its her breath but its not a constant thing!

hockeypuck Wed 13-Aug-08 08:00:37

Sounds a bit like Ketones maybe. Does she get it if she is ill, or not eating much?

Dd gets this as soon as she gets ill and it's horrible. It's worse when she has been sick. She had tons of viruses when she was a baby and ended up with ketone imbalances that brought on her epilepsy. She has had no fits since the age of 2, but every so often she gets that smell. It reminds me of old peoples homes.

allgonebellyup Wed 13-Aug-08 08:09:25

She eats loads, but just forgets to drink all the time.
Sometimes its a sign shes going to be ill, but other times she never gets ill, just the bad smell.

it smells like sick that hasnt been cleaned up [yuk]

yawningmonster Wed 13-Aug-08 08:36:12

get her to open her mouth wide, can you see white lumps on her tonsils. These if they are there are tonsil stones or tonsiloths and they absolutely reek. In NZ the only treatment is to remove tonsils. If not then I can't be much help sorry.

ilovemydog Wed 13-Aug-08 08:42:36

Check her nose. DD smelled a bit weird, and she had a bead stuck up her nose.

allgonebellyup Wed 13-Aug-08 08:58:42

ive been checking her throat, as sometimes she does get yucky infections there, but theres nothing.


smartiejake Wed 13-Aug-08 09:12:18

Is she having enough protein? Lack of this in a diet can produce nasty smelling breath.

Have you looked at her tongue? She might need to scrub that too when she cleans her teeth. DOes she use mouthwash? My 9 year old has just started using this to help with tooth hygene.

Last thought- does she have alot of congestion? Lots of kids with this sleep with their mouths open and that can also make smelly breath.

Tommy Wed 13-Aug-08 09:14:34

DS1 gets this - the dentist reccommended a tongue brush to get rid of any bacteria there. It's a bit of a pain as he has to oush the brush quite far back and it makes him gag. I looked at mouthwashes but they all say not suitable for children

allgonebellyup Wed 13-Aug-08 12:00:00

smartie, yes she has a blocked nose and has been complaining that she cant breathe.

smartiejake Wed 13-Aug-08 13:50:11

I think you may have an answer there. My 9 year olds breath can be rank in the the mornings and she quite often breathes through her mouth when she is asleep. Cleaning teeth and using mouth wash usually gets rid of it.

Tas1 Wed 13-Aug-08 20:52:20

Is she a mouth breather? If she sleeps with her mouth open and breathes through her mouth at night, her breath can be a bit smelly in the mornings.

When my DD's are coming down with something they tend to get a matalic smell to their breath.

Tas1 Wed 13-Aug-08 20:53:43

Just seen smartiejake has already mentioned mouth breathing, sorry.

SheSellsSeashellsByTheSeashore Wed 13-Aug-08 20:54:45

oral b do childrens mouthwashes my dd gets them, its part of thier stages range but i dont think they do mint just bubblegum and other yucky flavours

Bewilderbeast Wed 13-Aug-08 20:55:51

ds always smells very odd when he's poorly mostly comes from his mouth and nose

christywhisty Thu 14-Aug-08 00:20:36

it could also be a sign of chronic sinisitus, which is difficult to diagnose in children. My ds suffers from it and his breath sometimes smells bad. Brushing teeth and mouthwash does not help

allgonebellyup Thu 14-Aug-08 07:50:45

she smells fine today!!!!!!

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