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angmarie Mon 11-Aug-08 17:47:48

My DS had all dried patches off discharge all over her bed this morning and her knickers today she said she has been able to feel it dripping into her knickers, she said that it isnt sore , itchy or burning .

Has anyone any advice she is very embarssed about it .

She is 8

colacubes Mon 11-Aug-08 18:05:22

Could be the beginnings of puberty!

I would take her to the docs just to be sure, make sure she doesn't have any problems, and from someone, ie, me!, who knows a little about sore bums, believe me, I would start as you mean to go on. No knickers in bed, wash with no soap, you can get a oilatum gel (£8 but only need a small amount to wash bits, will last ages), that has no perfume or strong chemicals in it, and moisturise, use aqueous cream, can also use this in the bath as a cleanser, and no washing hair in the bath either, keep anything that could irritate the skin away from her bits. If she is having problems best to start some kind of routine now, and if its not and I am being over cautious, which does happen when it comes to girly bits, it wont do any harm what so ever, so you cant lose.

Hope she is ok, probably just her hormones changing, cc :0

angmarie Mon 11-Aug-08 18:08:56

Thanks cc, I do try and encourage her to keep clean down there , I have got an appointment for her tomorrow

colacubes Mon 11-Aug-08 18:13:42

Oh good, not so much the keeping clean more the keeping moisture there, apparently although moist we can lack moisture and using soaps etc can strip away the essentials. Hope she is ok, and try not to worry to much, must be scary being your dd.

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