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Mosquito bites

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SammyK Mon 11-Aug-08 16:32:34

DS covered in mosquito bites - he has just been scratting at his legs and has made them bleed.

They are on his legs, bum, tummy, back, he even has one on his cheek.

What can I do for him?? I have some cream but I don't think it does much to ease the itching, been using piriton when he is really itchy.
I have tried a couple of repellant sprays with no success.
I think he is being bitten on a night - he gets hot and takes his sheet off. Also he has started saying there are teeth in his room and can he please get in my bed. sad

belgo Mon 11-Aug-08 16:35:13

They're definitely mosquito bites and not chicken pox?

What about a mosquito net - you can get children's play nets that you can hang over the bed. I've found citronella spray to be good. Also get some netting to stick to the windows.

belgo Mon 11-Aug-08 16:36:01

And watch the bites for signs of infection - redness/swelling/hotness around the bite. Keep his nails clean and short.

belgo Mon 11-Aug-08 16:37:20

And long, thin pyjamas.

Seeline Mon 11-Aug-08 16:38:48

I've always found the Boots roll-on repellant for children pretty good (i mean a mossquito repellant rather than a child repellant -I wonder if they do that as well hmm ). My DS always reacts quite badly to bites and stings and I do use Piriton to help.

SammyK Mon 11-Aug-08 16:40:18

No they are mozzy bites thankfully, DP has them too in same places but nowhere near as many as poor DS.

Hmm the ones on his tummy had a red swollen patch surrounding them this morning - hopthey aren't getting infected.

Can I stick any netting to the windows?
I will stick to long thin pyjamas too thanks.

Where can I get citronella spay from?

hifi Mon 11-Aug-08 16:44:02

i give pireton straight after aswell.

belgo Mon 11-Aug-08 16:45:15

ask your pharmacy - citronalla is what it's called in Belgium, I assume it's the same in the UK.

I'm sure you can buy mosquito netting with velcro on it, I've seen it on friends' windows. I'm not sure where you would buy it though - they'll definitely have it in an adventure shop.

belgo Mon 11-Aug-08 16:46:20

Also apparently eating marmite can help stop you getting bittenhmm

Overmydeadbody Mon 11-Aug-08 16:48:00

how about a mosquito net around his bed at night?

SammyK Mon 11-Aug-08 16:48:41

Hmm not sure if ds would eat marmite grin

I will look into netting definately as they do seem to find DS extra tasty. hmm

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