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Hot red rash.

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Walkthedinosaur Mon 11-Aug-08 11:25:01

DS2 woke up on Sunday morning with very pink cheeks which developed into a rash on his lower arms. By the time I took his T-shirt off for his bath last night the spots on his arms and cheeks had all joined together and if he hadn't been wearing a long sleeved T-shirt all day I would have thought it was sunburn. The spots have progressed up his arms although not so close together and across his shoulders and his cheeks are still very pink. He is absolutely fine in himself, running around playing and eating well. However when I've just touched his arm and then his cheeks they feel really hot where this rash is (but he doesn't have a temperature).

He had chicken pox about 2 weeks ago and still has a few spots left over from that and at first I wondered whether this could be slapped cheek syndrome, but the fact that the rash feels hot is a bit weird.

Does anyone have any idea what it could be? He has a bit of a fear of doctors and as he's feeling OK in himself I don't really want to drag him up to the doctor's surgery because that will just get him upset.

He's fully vaccinated so I can't imagine it could be anything like Rubella.

Walkthedinosaur Mon 11-Aug-08 12:11:54


mth1968 Fri 22-Aug-08 02:01:03

That is so strange, my 3 year hold has the same thing. He is acting fine, no fever, playful and eating well. He started with red cheeks that were very hot to the touch. Now 2 days later his arms are very red and hot. Like you said, if I didn't know any betterI would think it's a sunburn, but it is definitely not a sunburn. I'm sure it's one of those viral things, but I am confused because he never had a fever??? STRANGE !!!!!

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