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Un-traumatic way of brushing teeth?

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anonymxxx Mon 11-Aug-08 04:24:55

DS just got hist fist teeth and I thought we should start "brushing" to get into a habit.
But DS (8 month) hates it and closes his mouth. I tried to make it playful and brush mine at the same time, then the toothbrush "slips" into his mouth, but he insists on hating it.

Are there any tips/tricks so that I do not have to pry his mouth open? Shall I hold off for a while or stand firm?

Any experiences, please. Thanks!!

MonkeyLover Mon 11-Aug-08 11:05:45

Giving DD her own toothbrush to copy me whilst I brush mine helped (and still helps). We both sit in front of the mirror singing the toothbrushing song (tuneless made-up nonsense) and brush our teeth. She mostly chews the bristles. I have to get her other toothbrush and do it properly, but she's comfortable with a brush in her mouth.

I was worried that I wasn't getting enough time to effectively brush her teeth at first (was not forcing the issue in a bid to keep it fun) but the HV said at this stage it's more about developing good habits.

cornsilk Mon 11-Aug-08 11:09:43

I was advised by the dentist to lie their heads back on your lap. It's much easier to see what you're doing and you're less likely to hurt their gums.

Elibean Mon 11-Aug-08 14:36:40

My dentist (state of the art, modern, no-nonsense sort of practice, FWIW) said: until the age of 2, just let it be fun. Its mostly to get them used to the routine. Diet is far, far, FAR more important than real toothbrushing at this stage because plaque is not much of an issue under 2.

So...with both dds, I've been fairly relaxed to start with. I've done endless games, let them hold their own brush during the 'I want to control everything' stages, brushed one tooth for daddy, one for mummy, etc, you name it we've played it. dd1 is 4.5 (with lovely teeth) and brushes very well herself, though I finish off for her. dd2 is 21 months and is just beginning to be easier: she's been pretty grumpy about toothbrushing until recently.

Oh yes, dentist also said: if they're teething, they're not going to let you near the gum/tooth and I don't blame them - it hurts - back off from that part of their mouths'

I know many MNers won't agree with my dentist, but there you go.

HTH smile

Pheebe Mon 11-Aug-08 17:48:56

We had the same advice from our dentist Elibean smile Also we were told no toothpaste under 2 either!

You can get these ridiculous fingertip brush things that are supposed to be soft but really I wouldn't bother beyond giving them a toothbrush to chew on.

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