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Neighbours have unneutered cats - numbers multiplying - what are the health implications?

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bluebellwood Mon 11-Aug-08 01:29:49

Our neighbours have a large number of unneutered cats. Over the last three years the numbers have multiplied. At the moment there are about 10 adult cats and at least four litters of kittens. The cats do not appear healthy and I suspect that none of them receive any veterinary care, flea or worming treatments.

We've spoken to our neighbours several times over the last few years and received assurances that the number of cats would be reduced but this has not happened. I've given them contact details of the Cats' Protection League, thinking maybe that they need some help to control the numbers, but this provoked a hostile reaction.

We're not confrontational people but we're now at the end of our patience. The cats are not contained and the area around both our houses is crawling with cats.
Anyway, I'm drafting a formal letter detailing our concerns and I'd be grateful if anyone can give me information about possible health implications, toxoplasmosis, that sort of thing, especially bearing in mind that I have a six year old daughter.


Chandra Mon 11-Aug-08 02:31:31

I would ring the RSPCA first to get them to check the state of the cats, that I supose would mean many of them would be taken out for better care.

Many areas have covenants on the number of animals you can have. I'm thinking of the Environment Office but I'm not quite sure how much they can help.

I know my ex MIL had the same problem with some neighbours, so tired of dealing with the mess and things ruinned by the cats which were by then feral as nobody was paying any attention to them... she got a cat trap and started sending them to the local animal office which were very understanding of the problem.

I know she catched at least 15 cats and nobody asked/compained of them being taken away.

geordieminx Mon 11-Aug-08 06:40:27

Would also contact the local RSPCA/SSPCA or the cats protection league.

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