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How many teeth should DD (aged 10) have?

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KatyMac Sun 10-Aug-08 16:06:10

Because the dentist said she had all her second teeth & that it was unusual as the last ones didn't normally come until 12-14

But she is cutting new back teeth atm

So I'm confused

QOD Sun 10-Aug-08 16:17:15

my dd is the same, cutting back teeth, she cried the other week as she thought it was her wisdom teeth!

My dd cut her first molars by age 1, and infact therefore had all her teeth then. They came in 4 by 4.

Was yours the same?
You should have 28 by adulthood plus the 4 wissies making 32

KatyMac Sun 10-Aug-08 16:18:53

God no - I think I was late

DH's mum can't remember

OK I'm off to count them

KatyMac Sun 10-Aug-08 16:21:08

She has 12 on the top & 14 on the bottom

I think the back bottom has been coming through for a while

So I guess we are expecting 2 more on the top

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