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MMR 3 weeks ago - reduction in appetite - normal?

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Pipsicle Sat 09-Aug-08 17:50:01

My 14 month (nearly) old little girl had her MMR 3 weeks ago on Monday coming. Almost immediately she started to reduce her food intake and then a week after had a day where she ate massively and then had the measles related fever for 2 days.

Since then she has started to reduce her intake of food by half. She is her usual perky self during the day, more restless at night than usual but rejecting much of her usual favourite foods (omlette, scrambled egg, spag bol)and only eating half the usual quantity of these, in fact tonight she totally rejected omlette which I have never known her do. She now seems to be eating a rather limited diet of bread, cheese, yoghurt and banana, cheerios, rice cakes and Organix crisp type things and keeps asking for biscuits (although trying to avoid giving her these).

Is this an MMR reaction? Is she just turning into a fussy toddler about eating or is it something else?

Any ideas gratefully received.

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