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Suddenly having toilet accidents-is she ill?

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Dreadfulwoman Fri 08-Aug-08 19:02:42

Dd was v late to toilet train (3 1/2), but got the hang of it immediately and in the past year I've had two night time accidents and two day time accidents, all of which involved solely urine. This week she has suddenly started having accidents-one or two a day, culminating in 4 this afternoon. For the past three days she has also been pooing in her knickers. She is always within reach of a toilet but refuses to use it, and within 10 mins of refusing it has an accident. Nothing has changed at home, I don't know what is wrong. She never mentions having an accident until I bring it up with her, and then tells me she had one about half an hour ago or something, but seems highly unperturbed by her wet underwear and clothing. What can I do? We are having to go away for two weeks on Monday for work, and she will be in a holiday club as I have to work-what will happen if the accidents continue?

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