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baby's tongue!

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GypsyMoth Tue 05-Aug-08 20:45:21

hi all

few weeks ago i noticed my sons tongue joined the bottom of his mouth in a peculiar way! i believe the bit of skin that attaches the two is called the frenulum. well,everyone else seems to have just the one bit of skin,but my son has two....which leaves a triangular shaped join!! its hard to explain,but it looks like the place where a snakes venom comes out from!!!!
did take him to the doc,who hadn't seen it before either. its not tongue tie. he feeds well,and babbles. so not affecting his development.just wondered if anyone else had encountered this??

i'm mum to 5.....but this is my partners first child,and he's a bit worried!!

Rebexus Sun 10-Aug-08 08:48:49

Hi there
this may be what is called a tongue tie. It basically just means that bit of skin is a bit short. Have a look here Otherwise if you're worried ask at your baby clinic when you have a weighing and they should be able to help a bit more than the Doctor.

My nephew has this and apart from not being able to breastfeed for long at any one time - he's absolutely fine and had no speech problems (and didn't have surgery).

Rebexus Sun 10-Aug-08 08:49:47

doh - just read message again and you say it's not a tongue tie ... ignore me .... not enough caffeine yet grin

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