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Top natural recommendation to treat peri oral dermatitis in toddlers..

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Looby34 Tue 05-Aug-08 13:01:57

Hi. DD 2.5 had a red pimply rash round her mouth which we identifid from the net - and the Dr confirmed, was peri oral dermatitis.

We tried various different creams from the gp for months - none of which worked.

In the end I found a US website where people raved about the effect of apple cider vinegar on treating this condition.

We ordered some organic apple cider vinegar from a UK website and applied it twice a day for a couple of weeks using cotton wool.

She smelled a bit like a chip shop and resisted having it applied (but we bribed her) - but it worked.

I'm not a health professional but I would definitely recommmend trying this grin

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