Recurrent tonsillitis and ear infections

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Snud12 Tue 04-May-21 22:42:40

Hi wonder if anyone can help me..

My daughter is 22 months old, born prematurely at 32+6 but no health issues although she had a pneumothorax at 2 days old. Docs told me once this had gone there would be no issues with her lungs which in fairness there hasn't. She piled the weight on within weeks and was signed off early from the hospital as they had no concerns. She has had all her immunisations and honestly haven't had a problem with her health until now..

Since November 2020 she has had 3 episodes of tonsillitis (all bacterial) and 3 middle ear infections which she has had 4 different types of antibiotics for. Her most recent episode came just 4 days after completing a 10 day course of antibiotics. With this episode she was also given a Salbutamol inhaler as her breathing was laboured and she was wheezy. She hasn't really been back to herself since this all started. She is on and off her food on a daily basis, some nights she is so restless and barely sleeps she's exhausted the next day. I've also noticed lately that there is a swelling that appears and disappears under her right ear (which she keeps holding/pulling and won't let you near when she's awake) and I've started to notice a change in the smell in her breath.

We have taken her to the GP/doctors 12 times since this started and I just don't feel like it's getting resolved. Not asking for any medical advice, but more wondering has anyone had the same issue? Think the doctors think I'm pushing for a tonsillectomy (which I really am not it's the last thing I want her to go through) but they don't seem to see that the infection seems to calm down for a few short days and then comes back with a vengeance. GP has referred her to an ENT (at our request) but has said pre-pandemic the wait was around 18 weeks so will be much longer.

Any advice would be really appreciated. We are considering going private for an ENT consultation but not sure if there are other options?

Really would appreciate any help x

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rjacksmiss Tue 04-May-21 22:49:19

My son was the same. Finally at 10 they took his adenoids out. 3 years and no infections. It's really improved the quality of his wee life already. Ive had tonsils and adenoids out but still get frequent infections!

Woody096 Tue 04-May-21 22:50:45

Definitely ask for a referral to ENT. I suffered quite badly as a child with tonsillitis, despite repeated bouts never referred. In late teens I was extremely poorly with what started off with tonsillitis & ended with sepsis. Ent consultant was horrified that I hadn’t been referred earlier & from memory said more than 3 occurrences in 12 months was enough for a referral & a tonsillectomy.

I had mine removed & the difference it made to my health was incredible. Every time I was run down or caught a cold I would end up with tonsillitis. Since having them removed over 10 years ago, I am rarely unwell.

At the very least get the referral to ENT & explore your options. Poor dd, it’s rotten, she must feel so poorly.

Snud12 Tue 04-May-21 23:04:47

Thank you

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Sjk00 Tue 04-May-21 23:06:48

Definitely keep chasing for answers and referrals to rule things out but worth thinking about dairy intolerance too! My son had constant ear and throat infections, had adenoids put in at 2 years old, loads of antibiotics but was still unwell a lot of the time. I stopped all dairy products and it really helped, he hardly suffered with his ears or throat after that!!! It wasn't easy as he loved yoghurts and milk etc but there are so many alternatives out there its definitely worth giving it a go for a month and see if she perks up? Dairy can cause a build up of mucus which can disturb their sleep so even that improved once id cut out dairy x

Snud12 Tue 04-May-21 23:07:32

Sorry! Did a 'thank you' test as don't usually use this app.

Really is heartbreaking and am worried that there is something that they're missing (maybe tonsil stones or a peritonsilar abscess or something) and it isn't going to be found until she's really poorly and I really don't want it to get to that.

The referral has been made, but not yet accepted. Every time I have spoke to GP they've said to keep giving her calpol to ease any discomfort but I don't want to keep pumping her with paracetamol, especially when she isn't eating.

Really appreciate your replies, thank you xx

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donutosaurus Wed 05-May-21 05:45:34

We have been going through this at the moment minus tonsillitis.

My daughters is really badly affected by ear infections (most of which the GP has fobbed us off with but which have been so and they have left scarring on her ear).

She glue ear which she has had for months now, snores horrendously, has the most awful congestion/runny nose and a speech delay due (probably) to her loss of hearing. The dr. classed her as non verbal (she's 2.5 years old) as she can only say the first syllable of words.

We were told by her GP (when she was 11 months old) that she couldn't be referred to ENT until she was 2 years old because the tubes were all too small. I have since found out that this is pretty much a bare faced lie.

She's gone from sleeping through the night to waking up several times from the pain. The GP advised Calpol to manage the pain but it's so bad and I'm not sure how good for her liver Calpol is.

We are still waiting to see an ENT dr on the NHS but we decided to go private instead. My daughter was seen 3 weeks ago and is having her operation next week. The dr said that he believes that it will change her life. I cannot wait for this appointment as she's so frustrated with being unable to talk and all of the other side effects.

If you can, I recommend going private as in my area we were seen and acted upon straight away.

Good luck


PrimeraVez Wed 05-May-21 06:06:36

Oh god I feel for you (and you too @donutosaurus, your poor DD sad )

DS1 had similar issues - always congested, recurrent ear infections and bouts of tonsilitis, lots of chest infections, poor sleep quality, snoring, speech delay...

It was only when one GP suggested we saw an ENT (DS was 2.4yrs at this stage), that we put two and two together. Within a week, he had been diagnosed with 'kissing tonsils' as his tonsils were so enlarged they were practically touching and glue ear. The doctor ran a hearing test and he had significant hearing loss, which broke my heart tbh. He also said he would assume that his adenoids were severely enlarged as well and diagnosed him with sleep apnea, based on what we told him.

A week later he had grommets put in, tonsils reduced (so not removed completely as the doc said they do prefer to keep them if poss, but 'reduced' by laser) and adenoids removed. The doctor said his adenoids were the size of walnuts and I could see the sticky crusty residue around his outer ear lobes, which showed the sort of crap that had been sucked out before the grommets were put in.

Overnight he was like a different child. His speech came on leaps and bounds in a matter of weeks, he slept better, he ate better, even his voice changed. This was two years ago, and I think he's had one ear infection since then (which I will happily take - we live in a hot country and he swims almost every day)

Mumbot345635 Wed 05-May-21 13:11:19

Agree with others - see ENT and get her tonsils and adenoids removed. They don’t remove tonsils anymore unless it is really bad so if they suggest it she’s needs it. It’s a day procedure- really simple and fine. They recover within a few days/week and they are transformed afterwards. You’ll wonder why you were ever hesitant about having them removed - you’ll have a well, new child. Be careful of glue ear too at the moment - ent might refer her for a hearing test.

toadstool32 Thu 06-May-21 19:16:34

Repeated childhood infections is often mannose binding lectin deficiency. 10% of the population have it and is diagnosed via simple blood test.

Lillyrosegrace778 Thu 06-May-21 21:00:01

That’s really interesting toad - I’ve never heard of that and I google a lot! Is there anything you can do about it or is just a reason why some kids get infections/wheeze/adenoids/tonsil problems more than others?

toadstool32 Thu 06-May-21 21:04:46

@Lillyrosegrace778 many people grow out of their recurrent infections as they age and therefore immunity naturally matures. Some people, my daughter included, are put on prophylaxis antibiotics one week in four for a while to prevent infections and let things dampen down a bit to allow for recovery.

Lillyrosegrace778 Thu 06-May-21 21:12:33

So my child also had recurrent infections and was put on prophylactic antibiotics for a few months but for her the cause seemed to be enlarged adenoid /tonsils as she stopped getting infections once they were removed. However she had a LOT of infections and severe illnesses and I’ve always wondered if there was an underlying cause.

Lillyrosegrace778 Thu 06-May-21 21:13:49

Is it something they test for as standard or did you have to ask for it to be done? Sorry for all the questions!

toadstool32 Fri 07-May-21 06:49:32

Our paediatrician recommended it thankfully and now everything makes so much sense.

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