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Constant Quick Nappy Rash

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Abigail333 Fri 18-Oct-19 00:00:46

Wonder if anyone has experienced this before.
My LO is 14m and been weaning since 6m

Since she began weaning, she gets terrible painful nappy rash when she poo’s
I’d understand if we left her for a while before changing her But she has certain expressions or gestures when she’s doing the toilet that we know and take her up straight away

When she gets nappy rash, it’s red, begins over girly bits and inside her bottom and within a couple of hours, it’s red raw, at times broken skin if really bad and spreads across all her bottom and bits

We thoroughly clean her, give her daily baths, she’s dry and we use sudacreme and jelly as barrier and also got Metanium from the pharmacy but it doesn’t seem to help.

First visit to doctor told us it was a fungal infection and gave us canesten cream but no improvement

Second visit gave us a stronger steroid cream, again, no improvement

The rash lasts a couple of weeks, vanishes for a couple of weeks and then returns
We’re waiting for yet another appointment for the doctor as sadly they are too strapped for emergency appointments so got a weeks wait.

Anyone seen this before or ideas what to try?

Suzie81 Fri 18-Oct-19 09:44:08

So she poos and this triggers it. But then in the period when it's clearing up does the poo not constantly retrigger?

Could it be eczema? If so, daily baths might not actually help - could make it worse? Also, what steroid was provided? Might need something stronger.

INeedNewShoes Fri 18-Oct-19 09:55:20

DD was like this and it's only occurred to me reading your thread that it's been a few months since the last occurrence.

Exactly the same issue that a poo even if changed absolutely immediately would burn her skin absolutely red raw and very painful.

Things I did: I found Bepanthen the best nappy cream. Once the skin is red raw there are ingredients in other creams that seem to enflame rather than heal.

Particularly if there is any broken skin, use cotton wool and water for cleaning rather than baby wipes.

There are some baby wipes that definitely make this worse on DD, including Huggies and the very cheapest Tesco and cheapest Asda wipes. We find Aldi Mamia Sensitive the most gentle wipes.

Moderate acidic foods like citrus and particularly tomatos. I generally only give DD one portion of very acidic food per day. Avoid falling into the weaning trap of cooking lots of casseroles/Bolognese etc. which all call for tomatoes in the sauce.

Lastly, DD has (fairly mild) allergies to milk and egg and we have been doing the 'ladder' which means gradually ramping up the allergens in her diet. The phase where her nappies were worst tallies with when upping the dairy was also making her eczema-y, so consider food allergy.

FlaviaAlbia Fri 18-Oct-19 10:06:59

DS got horrendous nappy rash as soon as poo touched his skin. He's got better as he's got older, he's 18 months now and it's been a few months since he's had a really bad one like that. Teething nappies still seem to trigger a bad rash but it's not the broken skin kind of rash any more.

We tried all that you have then got a Dr's appointment after nothing worked. The Dr rang the children's continence dept at the hospital (or something like that anyway) and they told us to use an equal mix of vaseline, yellow metanium and orabase.
You can get them over the counter and for some reason the mix worked when the individual ingredients didn't. It didn't stop the rash happening but healed it once it appeared. It went from horrendous and bleeding to pink the next day.

Abigail333 Fri 18-Oct-19 10:21:34

Thanks so much for your comments everyone,
I’m feeling like the worlds worst mum because everything we’ve been doing hasn’t been stopping it.

To answer one of the questions - yes, it’s ONLY when poo touches her bottom, but it was throwing us that it would irritate her for a couple of weeks yet once it heals, it was fine when poo touched her skin 🤷‍♀️

We changed her diet as I originally thought that it might could be a food intolerance but everything we researched and tried made no difference

The steroid cream we have been given since Canesten is called Trimovate - clobetasone 17 butyrate, calcium oxytetrecycline and Nystatin but we have been using this every time it begins and also after it vanishes for a while to ensure it’s gone but still no change.

We also changed her nappies incase it was an irritant in these and also wipes and tried most of the ranges but I’ll take a trip to aldi to try the sensitive ones! We have been dabbing her bottom with a soft cloth when we were avoiding wipes but she was still in pain but I’ll also try the cotton buds incase the cloth is top course.

I’ll also try the mix of vasaline, met and orabase, I’ve tried mixing sudacreme and vasaline together but it’s not doing much.

Thanks everyone, I have been reading all the different websites and couldn’t find any info on this but thankfully it’s just happening to us 😅 x

INeedNewShoes Fri 18-Oct-19 10:24:22

I recommend the cotton wool pleat from boots (definitely not cotton buds!). Boots' own brand cotton wool pleat seems sturdier than other brands so good for dealing with toddler poos(!) and doesn't lose bits of fluff.

FlaviaAlbia Fri 18-Oct-19 10:39:05

I think in our case DS just has very sensitive skin. I spent £££ on fancy eco sensitive nappies and all sorts of creams, tried resuables and in the end just went back to pampers and wipes and managed it with the mix of creams when it appeared.

It's so horrendous when it's happening and everyone tells you to try things that worked for theirs and you're wondering why it isn't working for you! I think nappy rash doesn't really convey how bad it as people imagine a bit of redness.

Good luck!

hazeyjane Fri 18-Oct-19 11:01:44

Ds had horrendous nappy rash caused by a combination of reflux, constipation and medication he takes. Conotrane was the only thing that made any difference.

moreismore Fri 18-Oct-19 11:07:31

I would switch totally to reusable wipes (cheeky wipes or just but some Ikea flannels) I use cream every single change which I assume you’re doing. Sudocrem seems best but bepanthen also good.

Does the rash start spotty? And always from anus? If so it sounds like repeated Candida (yeast) so I would also get some probiotics to boost good bacteria and suppress the yeast. I can recommend cytoplan cytobiotic active-you can just mix into milk it has a v mild vanilla taste.

Abigail333 Fri 18-Oct-19 12:08:29

Hi moreismore, yes, the rash has a large rash area around the anus and also around her girly bits which is the largest area affected and the worst but it is also a spotty rash around this.
The pharmacy and doctor have said it’s a fungal rash but I was hoping with the creams, it wouldn’t appear as often but it’s still exactly the same.

Ill have a shop for these probiotics, fingers crossed it will help even a little bit. Today because it’s so bad I’m giving her nappy off time for today - she’s in paradise, I however am not with the clean up 😂🤦‍♀️ X

moreismore Sat 19-Oct-19 22:55:15

I think it’s one of those things that can recur for a while - my DD seems to always have a flare when teeth come through. I just use the cream each time and it clears it. I’ve got much better at spotting the early rash so it doesn’t ever become severe. Hope the probiotics help! Good call on nappy off but yes, pretty messy!!

hayley013 Sun 27-Oct-19 02:53:37

I could've wrote this and have just posted something similar as I'm at a loss now. Dd had such a laire bum about 10'days sho, was given dactacort by the doctor, it cleared up eventually but was retirggered constantly by her having a poo. Been fine for about 5 days and we're back to square one from one poo, it's that sore it's bleeding. Someone else has suggested mixing sudocrem and metanium so ill try the combos and see what happens. I feel your pain though it's so sad for them

Besidesthepoint Sun 27-Oct-19 03:07:10

One of my nephews had this. Changing the nappies to pampers worked, it was the only one that didn't give him a rash. Too bad as they are pretty expensive..

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