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Leg aches/weakness

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Laura101085 Wed 16-Oct-19 17:41:21

Was wondering if anyone's children have experienced leg aches/weakness.

My son started around 6/7 months ago with leg niggles/aches which has gradually got worse, started around thigh/knee area, the doctor told me it was muscle strain, it continued, but a paeditrician he was seeing for something else said growing pains but I took him back to the doctors who ordered blood tests to test for arthritis which came back clear so they went with growing pains. The pain has gradually been getting worse, at its worse in the morning but is there all day, he can barely walk down the stairs, taking him twice as long to walk to school and if he does any sort of activity he is limping afterwards. Most recently it seems as though his ankles (from what he says but could be coming from further up)? Are giving way, he'll tell me he's twisted his ankle coming down stairs or twists his ankle coming out of bed, he's hurt his legs/ankles a few times at PE at school (never happened before) and that he sees things on his floor coming out of bed but still tripping over the stuff (typical boy leaving stuff lying around but nothing more than the usual) yesterday he went to go crouch down to get something out his locker and could get back up then last night he was sitting on his pc (only on it an hour or but he was up down within that hour) and he went to come off and he had to hold back the tears and said the pain was a 10, I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this? I'd say it's maybe been going on from Feb time so know it's nothing serious, aswell as being sore he complains of his legs being tired or weak, mostly on the left leg but can be both and mostly around the thigh/knee area and daily.


Flossie44 Thu 17-Oct-19 07:18:16

So sorry your son is getting this. It must be hideous for him. And you. I’d most definately take him back to the gp and ask for a referral to the paediatrician again (or link straight back in if you have communication with paed)
Ask for muscle enzymes to be tested. It will look at the muscles themselves. Sounds like it’s based here, not the bones.
Does he have any symptoms in other parts of his body, or just the legs? How old is he?

Daffodils07 Thu 17-Oct-19 09:59:18

I would get him to see a physiotherapist, it can be something as simple as having flat feet,tight muscles in the legs (which is common in children of your sons age due to gowth).
Physiotherapists are more trained to deal with this and if they are worried they can refer on.

Laura101085 Thu 17-Oct-19 12:10:35

Thanks for the replies, it's just the left thigh area, the odd occasion it's at its worst he'll maybe feel it in his calf or ankle but then that might not be related, he's just turned 12

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