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Does anyone's child use a CPAP machine?

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Outnumb3red Mon 14-Oct-19 02:00:36

Just that really.

My DD6, has a severe sleep apnea. It doesn't affect her day to day though, and she doesn't suffer from tiredness through the day (that she'll admit anyway) is fairly active, has no irritable mood swings and is doing well in school.

I would like her to use the CPAP, as watching and listening to her breathing during the night is really distressing. I feel that she would really benefit from a less arduous sleeping experience.

I've seen that the masks are hard to use and get used to, just looking for any personal experiences.


IwillrunIwillfly Mon 14-Oct-19 09:37:08

It's really rare for a child to be given a cpap machine to use at home unless they have other disabilities that are affecting their breathing/airways. Have you seen anyone about her sleep apnoea? Often in children it can be helped/cured by having tonsils and adenoids removed. You could discuss cpap with whoever she is under but I'd be amazed if they recommended it. It is very difficult to get used to and many children who do need it takes weeks to learn to tolerate it.

Outnumb3red Mon 14-Oct-19 10:16:02

We are meeting with her respiratory and ENT consultant next week to discuss a plan. The machine has been raised in conversation. I see that the machines are difficult to get used to , but I feel it would help her.

She has had her tonsils out, made no difference, she is not overweight so that's not an issue.

It's just horrible to watch her sleep 😔

Flossie44 Thu 17-Oct-19 07:31:57

Sounds horrid for you all. Have you videoed her alseep to show them? They however sound a supportive team.
I’m sure there are ways for children to get used to such a thing. She sounds very compliant.
Good luck

chinateapot Sun 20-Oct-19 08:11:58

I haven’t had a child use a CPAP machine but my thought would be that you have nothing to lose from trying it if your child’s medical team think it might help. Even if she struggles with it, it’s not going to harm her. What does she think?

Queenfreak Sun 20-Oct-19 17:04:51

My husband uses one. It took a couple of months for him to tolerate it all night.
The tube does occasionally wrap round his neck, which would be pretty distressing for a 5 year old I should think?
However, he needs it as his body is denied oxygen at night, I imagine the same goes for your daughter.
Its certainly something I would discuss.

Outnumb3red Mon 28-Oct-19 10:08:06

We had the meeting with the respiratory team.
We are going to give the CPAP a go.
When children use it, it is very much individualised, rather then the one approach they do with adults. So they told me anyway.

She's had an overnight sleep study, so they know what she does, as that was recorded.

It's definitely worth a go. She generally is quite compliant when it comes to this sort of stuff. We will have a chat with the sleep team and see and have a play about with the masks until she feels comfortable with it.

I think once she gives it a try and can feel the benefit from it, she'll be ok to continue with it.

Fingers crossed.

Queenfreak Sun 17-Nov-19 22:11:43

Hi@Outnumb3red how is it going?
I told my husband your dd was going to try a cpap and all he said was 'what an amazing kid! It's not easy '

Outnumb3red Mon 18-Nov-19 12:37:49

Hi @Queenfreak,

Thanks for asking.

She's had her cpap for just coming up 2 weeks now. And she is amazing. She went into the sleep lab, tried on the mask and was absolutely fine. Slept all night with it on for both nights we were in hospital, and has continued without issue at home. The doctors were mega impressed with her, very few kids her age deal with it well.

She has a lot of stuff she needs to deal with in relation to hospital visits and she amazes me at every turn.

She has noticed a difference in the morning and she feels much less tired.

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