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Chest infection hasn't cleared in asthmatic dd

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minesadecaf Sun 13-Oct-19 19:43:49

She's 5.5. Last week we thankfully had a consultant appointment to review her asthma but she's had a cold leading up the appointment which had gone to her chest so he had a listen and said infection. Gave three days of antibiotics and steroids both are finished but her cough is still very wet. Obviously still going with the inhaler/montelukast regime. How long do the antibiotics keep working in the body? Wondering if it's time to call him as she finished them on Friday. Thanks.

blackcat86 Sun 13-Oct-19 19:46:18

3 days worth probably isnt enough
.I have asthma and usually have a 7 days course. Even then I sometimes need a second round. Take her back to the GP and they'll likely prescribe another course. Its worth talking to her about the signs of a chest infection because now I've had a few I can catch them earlier which makes them easier to kick.

minesadecaf Sun 13-Oct-19 19:52:23

This particular antibiotic is apparently always only given for 3 days. I think I'll get the GP to check her out (if I can get an appt hmm) otherwise try the consultant's secretary.

Nogodsnomasters Mon 14-Oct-19 21:34:43

Childrens chest infection can usually be cleared with any number of penicillin (unless allergic) which is nearly always a 7-10 day course. I would ask the gp for another round for the full length of time.

minesadecaf Tue 15-Oct-19 13:10:20

She's allergic to penicillin hence azithromycin

Flossie44 Wed 16-Oct-19 13:24:17

I’d go back. She may need some more steroids. Or the wet cough may be the mucus clearing and moving around now rather than settled and infected.
Azithromycin is great for chests

Sally7777 Wed 16-Oct-19 15:17:39

7 days min. In the USAfr it's 10 which is more realistic. In the uk, most kids will end up with two lots and if this is the case, try back to back lot.

Judashascomeintosomemoney Wed 16-Oct-19 15:27:09

Other broad spectrum antibiotics usually have a longer dose period but Azithromycin is very successful at fighting deep chest infections, and three days is the standard dose and is usually enough. If it’s not cleared up after the end of the dose I would definitely go back to the GP (had years of this with asthmatic DD an only once did the three day course of azithromycin not work, needed another three day dose).

IceBearRocks Wed 16-Oct-19 15:27:09

Azirthomycin is basically the drain cleaner of anti-biotics! Just keep an eye on her !!!

minesadecaf Wed 16-Oct-19 19:46:40

Well she finished it on Friday and I'm convinced the antibiotic is still working because I'm seeing a daily improvement.

IceBearRocks Fri 18-Oct-19 19:12:49

How's she doing @minesadecaf

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